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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Having a high income is certainly a privilege, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that those who have it are worthy of being called rich.

The benchmark for financial wealth can be seen from net worth. Net worth is the true value of a person’s real wealth.

You can find out the value of your wealth by adding up all the assets you own and subtracting the total outstanding debts.

For example, you have assets consisting of (house, savings, shares, mutual funds, gold, vehicles, etc.) worth IDR 500 million. However, if you are also recorded as having debt (unpaid) of IDR 200 million, then your net worth is:

IDR 500 million – IDR 200 million = IDR 300 million

Talking about income or salary, this is certainly not an asset. And in personal finance, income is recorded in a cash flow statement while assets and debts are recorded in a statement of financial position.

The greater the income, the greater the ability to accumulate wealth

With a large income, a person can certainly have a good ability to accumulate assets that can increase his wealth in the future.

However, when someone has a high income but is accompanied by high expenses for basic necessities and a lifestyle, it is very likely that he does not have remaining funds that can be allocated to investing or buying assets whose value can increase in the future.

There will be no limits that must be set for expenses related to living needs or entertainment, however, when these expenses become variable (not fixed), it is very likely that the amount will continue to increase over time due to the inflation factor.

So how do you use large income to increase the value of your wealth?

The easy way is to determine expenses for saving and investment at the beginning, or more precisely when you receive income.

For example, when someone allocates 30% of their monthly income for saving and investing, then they only have 70% of their income remaining to pay for life and do what they want.

Like it or not, the person concerned will adjust their expenses to the remaining money they have. If the remaining amount of money is felt to be insufficient, then he must force himself to live more frugally.

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