His actions during the presidential candidate debate were highlighted by the KPU, Gibran apologized! News – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Vice Presidential Candidate Number 2 Gibran Rakabuming Raka apologized for his actions during the Presidential Candidate (Capres) debate which took place several days ago at the KPU Building, Jakarta.

“I apologize in advance,” said Gibran, quoted from detikcom, Thursday (14/12/2023)

Gibran is ready to accept the warning delivered by the KPU.

It is known that one of the moments that attracted the attention of netizens was when vice presidential candidate number 2 Gibran Rakabuming Raka reacted by asking supporters to cheer in support of Prabowo.

This happened during the fourth segment, when the presidential candidates asked each other questions and responded to each other. Initially, presidential candidate number 1, Anies, asked Prabowo regarding the Constitutional Court’s decision regarding the age limit for presidential and vice presidential candidates. Prabowo answered that the people decide and choose.

“Now it’s like this, basically the people decide, the people judge. If the people don’t like Prabowo and Gibran, there’s no need to vote for us, brothers. And I’m not afraid of having the position of Mas Anies. Sorry, sorry,” said Prabowo.

Photo: Presidential Candidate (Capres), Prabowo Subianto when conveying his vision and mission in the First 2024 Presidential Candidate Debate at the Indonesian KPU Office, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/12/2023). (CNBC Indonesia/Faisal Rahman)

Before the time was up, Gibran stood up from his seat. He raised his hand, as if asking supporters to cheer Prabowo’s parry.

Shortly after standing up, from the video shared, a supporter can be seen poking Gibran from behind, as a sign to ask Gibran to sit down.

The supporters of candidate pair 2 also cheered. At the same time, one of the moderators of the presidential debate that night, Valerina Daniel, said “Please calm down, supporters”. Presidential candidate number 3 Ganjar Pranowo and Anies smiled at Prabowo’s answer.

The video clip of Gibran directing his supporters to cheer was widely discussed on Twitter. The KPU has also opened its voice and will give a warning to candidate pair number 2.

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