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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Last year, there were claims that the earth was spinning faster than usual, but the situation is not the same this year. It turns out that the earth is experiencing a dynamic rotational slowdown and continues to change.

Unfortunately, until now, scientists have not been able to determine the exact cause of this change, their belief remains that this phenomenon will continue to grow, as quoted from Science Times, Friday (12/11/2021)

Earth’s rotation, however, is not perfect. Forbes says the planet doesn’t always function in a predictable way. Depending on the movement of the core, ocean, and atmosphere, its movement fluctuates somewhat over time.

However, the planet has recently started rotating more slowly, according to Time and Date. The first half of 2021 was still brisk, with day lengths averaging 0.39 milliseconds shorter than in 2020. However, between July 1 and September 30, days lengthened by an average of 0.05 milliseconds, compared with 2020.

“This indicates that the Earth’s rotation is no longer accelerating. However, it continues to rotate faster than usual. In about ten years, a negative leap second may be necessary based on the current rotation rate,” explained the expert.

According to a recent report in Express UK, space scientists are now using so-called atomic clocks to set Universal Coordinated Time (UTC). Various professionals can estimate the exact time on Earth by the movement of atomic electrons thanks to this effective clock.

In 2020, some scientists noticed that the planet’s rotation had accelerated, causing them to change the Earth’s standard second.

However, according to the new database, the Earth slowed down by 0.5 milliseconds from July 1 to September 30. They now claim that it will continue to slow down.

According to Science Alert, the force generated by the moon may have an impact on the Earth’s rotation. If the gravitational pull of a planet’s natural satellite is too strong, it will likely rotate more slowly than usual.

On the other hand, earthquakes are the most common cause of Earth’s slower rotation because these natural events change the planet’s mass distribution. Experts have not issued a clear warning about the planet’s slowing rotation.

While it will have a small impact on our daily lives, the BBC’s Science Focus reports that it may have major consequences for technologies such as GPS satellites, mobile phones, computers and communications networks, all of which depend on precise timing systems.

However, such problems could eventually be solved, perhaps simply by removing leap seconds rather than adding them. So, except shortening of days due to human activities, there is nothing to worry about.

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