How to Make a Digital KTP Using Only Your Cellphone and Become a Tech Instantly – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The process of making a digital version of an Identity Card (KTP) is now getting easier with the help of an increasingly sophisticated digital era.

This is inseparable from the government’s efforts to increase the digitalization of KTPs and is targeting this year to have 50 million Indonesian citizens who already have electronic versions of these identity cards.

Making a digital KTP can be done through the Digital Population Identity (IKD) application. This application can be downloaded via Android. iOS users will have to be patient as it is not yet available.

How to make a digital KTP with the IKD Application:

  • Open the IKD application on your cellphone
  • Fill in your personal data (NIK, e-mail, cellphone number)
  • Click ‘verify data’
  • Perform facial verification
  • After registration on the cellphone is complete, the applicant must go to the operator officer at the local Population and Civil Registry Service (dukcapil) to obtain and scan the QR code
  • Check the registered e-mail to get a 6 digit PIN to activate the digital KTP in the IKD application
  • Click ‘activate’
  • Enter the activation code or PIN and captcha code in the columns provided, then click ‘activate’
  • Enter the IKD application with the activated PIN
  • And, the digital KTP was successfully created

With a digital KTP, you don’t need to bother looking at the population data on the physical card. KTP can be accessed quickly via the IKD application on your cellphone.

Population data can be used to access various services. However, it should be noted that a physical KTP is still important because not all areas have adequate internet access.

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