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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Some time ago, social media was in an uproar with netizens sharing photos of themselves similar to Disney Pixar film posters.

However, it is not a poster for a Disney film that will be broadcast, but rather one made by Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Everyone can create images like Disney movie posters with just text commands. AI generator that will convert text into the desired image.

You can easily create images like Pixar posters using several available platforms. Starting from Bing Image Creator, Ideogram, and Dall-E.

There are almost all ways to make it. Go to one of the websites and enter your request in the box provided.

Please remember that these orders must be given specifically and in detail. Such as names, places, activities, and even the mood in the picture.

For example, make a command with a sentence “Make Disney Pixar poster ambience like Coco movie. The character is a man…..”

With Bing Image Creator, users can create Disney Pixar posters according to the prompt given.

How to Make a Disney Pixar Poster with Bing Image Creator

Open the Bing Image Creator website

Login with a Microsoft account

Type the prompt in the column provided, try to give clear commands so that the AI ​​can understand

To create a Pixar poster, users can enter the keyword “Disney Pixar movie poster”

Then, write down a more specific prompt, for example damn color, character, theme, style, etc

For example, a user can give the command “make Disney Pixar poster ambience like Coco movie. The character is a man. The man is wearing red cloth. The man is holding a guitar. The man has brown skin and black hair. The poster has an old Mexican background style. 3D Animation.”

Next, click “Create”.

Bing Image Creator will present several image variations according to user commands. Users can download processed visual results from Bing Image Creator

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5 Disney Pixar Poster Making Websites

There are many websites that can be used to create Disney Pixar posters besides Bing Image Creator. Here are some of them:

1. Dall-E

Dall-E is made by OpenAI. The site for making posters like Pixar films is

2. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion can also create posters with the help of an AI generator. To make it can access it via

3. MidJourney

Midjourney is a bot in the Discord application. So to use it, first install the application and add the Midjourney bot by going to the website


The last website is This website can also create posters based on the text entered.

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