How to See WiFi Passwords on Android Phones and iPhones Tech – 17 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Today’s smart devices, both cellphones and laptops, can usually save WiFi passwords automatically. Because it has been saved, many people don’t remember the WiFi password by heart.

The WiFi password is usually only searched when the user has to register a new device to the WiFi network or when relatives or friends visit.

It’s easy to see the WiFi password on your cellphone. You can try the steps below when a relative visits your house and asks for WiFi, but you forget the password.

You can check the WiFi password on an Android cellphone or iPhone that has previously been connected to WiFi.

Here are the details.

Android WiFi password with QR code

You can check it via an Android cellphone which has a QR code feature for WiFi passwords. Check out the following method:

  1. Enter the Settings menu
  2. Click Network & Internet
  3. Select Internet
  4. Search for the network you want to know the password for
  5. You will find a gear icon on the right side of the WiFi network
  6. Select the Share button with the QR code icon
  7. Confirm unlock code
  8. Scan the QR code or copy and paste the password below it.

WiFi password on Android 6 to Android 9 cellphones

Especially for cellphones that support Android 9 and below, they cannot generate QR codes. Here’s how to check the password on this type of cellphone:

  1. Download and install the WiFi Password Recovery application on Google Play Store
  2. After that, run the application by pressing the “Grant” button. Later, WiFi information will appear that has been connected to your Android smartphone
  3. Search for the name of the WiFi you want to see the password for. In the “PASS” column the WiFi password will appear
  4. Please note, the application requires ‘root’ access to use. Because currently access is difficult, especially for the latest Android smartphones starting from Android 5. Because Google has improved security on the Android OS. Moreover, smartphones are not only for communication but also for transactions that require verification of important data.

Check the WiFi password on your Samsung cellphone

  1. Connect your Samsung Galaxy cellphone to the destination WiFi that you want to share
  2. Go to “Settings,” then “Connections,” and select “WiFi.” You can immediately open a WiFi connection by swiping the screen from top to bottom on the main page, then clicking the WiFi icon for a few seconds
  3. Select the gear icon “Current network”
  4. At the bottom left a QR code icon appears, click on the icon
  5. Then a QR code will be displayed with the command “Scan this QR code on another device to connect to the “WiFi name” without entering the password
  6. Apart from that, there are other options provided with the One UI system, namely you can save the QR code as an image or directly share it to other devices via compatible messaging or social media applications. Both options appear below the QR code.

How to see WiFi password on iPhone

  1. Open Settings on iPhone, then select iCloud
  2. In the iCloud menu, turn on Keychain
  3. Open Keychain Access on your Mac
  4. Enter the WiFi name in the Search column in the Keychain Access window
  5. Make sure you are in the passwords category
  6. Click the name of the WiFi you are looking for
  7. A new window will appear, then check “Show Password”
  8. You will be asked to enter your Mac user name and password
  9. You can see the WiFi password.

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