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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced new features on the visual content sharing application. Users can watch Instagram Reels without internet.

Instagram adds the option to download Reels content before watching it offline. This feature was previously available on YouTube Premium and Spotify Premium.

With the download option before watching, internet data consumption is said to be reduced. Because, you don’t keep scrolling content on social media.

Apart from that, you can also take advantage of the download feature before flying or traveling to areas where internet access is difficult. That way, you can still enjoy content in a remote area.

How to access this feature is quite easy. When opening Reels, select the airplane icon on the content you want to download. Next, there will be a ‘download’ option to choose from.

You will see Reels content in the cellphone gallery. The content will also be watermarked with the creator’s account name.

However, Instagram claims that downloaded Reels content will not take up internal storage capacity on your cellphone. The reason is, Instagram has prepared a special storage space in the application.

This feature has actually been available in the United States (US) since last June. Now, this feature has been rolled out to global users in stages.

One criticism about this feature is copyright. The same issue has also been raised on TikTok and YouTube which allow users to download other people’s content. However, it seems that platform providers feel that providing a watermark is enough.

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