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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Huawei is preparing to launch a new chip of its own production with the help of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC).

SMIC is a semiconductor manufacturer that makes Huawei Kirin chipsets. Recently, they stole the attention by launching the Kirin 9000S with 5G capabilities.

According to the latest report from The Elec, SMIC is preparing a more sophisticated Huawei Kirin chipset with a 5nm architecture. What’s interesting, SMIC uses deep ultraviolet (DUV) technology for this chip. In comparison, other chip manufacturers make them with extreme ultraviolet (EUV) fabrication technology.

According to an industry official, SMIC is preparing 5nm chips via DUV, and the use of photomasks is expected to increase further, as quoted from GizchinaFriday (8/12/2023).

SMIC’s progress in making advanced chipsets for Huawei occurred due to economic sanctions in the form of restrictions imposed by the American government.

Due to these sanctions, SMIC and Huawei are stuck with 7nm technology for a while. In fact, Huawei smartphones have not had 5G support for about 4 years.

However, SMIC and Huawei showcased their capabilities by launching the Kirin 9000S in September this year. And now, the chip manufacturer is moving towards 5nm chipsets.

While other chip manufacturers leverage EUV for advanced chipset fabrication, SMIC doesn’t have that freedom. Because US sanctions prohibit Huawei from obtaining EUV machines.

For processor circuits, manufacturers need to use lithography. Here, EUV and DUV refer to the type of lamp. DUV has a much higher wavelength than EUV. And that is the process that SMIC uses to produce the Huawei Kirin 5nm chipset.

Specifically, DUV has wavelengths of 248 and 193 nm. On the other hand, EUV has a wavelength of only 13.5 nm. This is the big difference that makes EUV much better than DUV. Therefore, it is easier to use EUV for manufacturing advanced chipsets.

Huawei has relied on SMIC for the past few years. Despite their limitations, both companies impressed the industry with their capabilities.

But even so, they will have difficulty beating competitors like TSMC and Samsung. Huawei’s competitors use the latest manufacturing processes for their chipset production.

Now, even though the Huawei Kirin 5nm chipset will be priced quite expensively, SMIC is not too worried about this.

For your information, SMIC is partly owned by the Chinese government. And recently, the government poured a lot of funds to help these manufacturers create innovative technology. This will make it easier for chip manufacturers to achieve their goals.

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