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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Being born into a rich family whose wealth does not last until seven generations is perhaps a privilege, because they can get good financial security, a luxurious lifestyle, and freedom in investing. But that doesn’t mean that those of you who were born from a simple family can’t enjoy this.

There are still many ninja paths that you can achieve to be financially independent, debt free, and have protection. There are only two keys, namely consistency and patience.

As time goes by, your assets will continue to increase and it is also possible that these assets will generate passive income that you can use for investment.

Here are a number of ways you can build wealth in the future.

Live a maximum of 50% of income

When you can live on half your income, you can save more money to invest.

In essence, frugal living doesn’t mean not having fun at all, it’s just that the fun activities you choose are within your budget.

Learn to understand your needs and desires so that you can be wiser in managing your expenses.

No need for too much debt

So that you can set aside large amounts of money for investment, you don’t need to take on debt for consumptive or non-priority things.

Also know that, apart from being able to set aside larger amounts of money, someone who does not have debt installments can take greater risks in their investment decisions.

The larger the debt installments, the greater the financial burden that must be borne every month. This is what makes it difficult for someone to invest.

Build financial security and safeguard your income

Collect emergency funds until you reach the ideal amount according to your current condition. And to maintain your income, prioritize finding new sources of income outside your salary as an employee.

Maybe you think that this is a difficult thing to do, but believe me

When you get used to doing this, you will become more trained to look for new opportunities.

Also make sure to have financial protection starting from health insurance. This is because medical costs will continue to experience inflation in the future, and you certainly should not drain your savings due to illness.

Spend on assets that bring in money

Buy assets that can bring in money regularly, even through passive or active investment strategies. As a result, income increases, assets grow, and financial independence will be much easier to achieve.

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