India Requires Cell Phones to Be Able to Watch TV, Samsung Shouts Tech – 13 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Companies selling cellphones in India are required to design their mobile devices to be able to watch TV.

However, Samsung and Qualcomm are among the brands that have opposed the policy.

They gave the reason that changes to the hardware would increase the price of the device by US$30.

India is considering a policy that would require smartphones to be equipped with the hardware to receive live TV signals without the need for a cellular network.

They proposed the use of the so-called ATSC 3.0 technology popular in North America which allows precise geographic placement of TV signals and provides high picture quality.

However, brands say existing smartphones in India are not equipped with the technology to work with ATSC 3.0. If forced to add this compatibility, it would increase the cost of each device by US$30. Some parties are worried that their current production plans will be disrupted.

In a joint letter to India’s communications ministry, Samsung, Qualcomm and telecom equipment makers Ericsson and Nokia said adding live broadcasting to mobile could also degrade device battery performance and cellular reception.

“We do not find any benefit in continuing discussions regarding the implementation of this matter,” said the letter dated October 17, quoted from ReutersThursday (9/11/2023).

The four companies and India’s communications ministry did not respond to requests for comment.

The proposal is still under discussion and subject to change, and there is no definite timeline for its implementation.

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