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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The war between Israel and the Palestinian armed group, Hamas, is still ongoing.

Currently, the Israeli military is again intensifying its attacks on Gaza to destroy Hamas, which attacked the south of the country on October 7.

The following are the latest developments as summarized CNBC IndonesiaFriday (1/12/2023):

1. The US is starting to get emotional towards Israel

The United States (US) has begun to put pressure on Israel over its war in Gaza. This was stated by US Minister of Foreign Affairs Anthony Blinken at a meeting of the Israeli war cabinet, Thursday (30/11/2023).

On that occasion, Blinken emphasized that Israel lacked the “motive” to maintain the fight against Hamas for months. He also underlined that Tel Aviv needs to change its war tactics for confrontation in southern Gaza.

“You can’t operate in southern Gaza like you do in the north. There are two million Palestinians there,” Blinken said, according to a translation from Hebrew posted by the Times of Israel and reported Russia Today.

“You need to evacuate fewer people from their homes, be more accurate in your attacks, not attack UN facilities, and ensure that there are enough protected areas,” the US diplomat added. “And if not? Then don’t attack where there are civilians.”

When Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said that all of Israeli society was united in supporting the goal of dismantling Hamas, “even if it takes months,” Blinken responded, “I don’t think you deserve any motivation for that.”

The leaked quote also reveals that Israel does not want the Palestinian Authority to rule Gaza. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the institution had supported, educated and funded terror.

“The US understands that, but other countries in the region need to know what you are planning. The best way to kill an idea is to present a better idea,” Blinken said of Netanyahu’s statement.

2. Netanyahu was ‘sprayed’ by Israeli figures

Israeli Prime Minister (PM) Benjamin Netanyahu has recently been under a lot of pressure. This is related to the way he handled the crisis that occurred in the country shortly after raising the war flag against the Gaza Palestinian militia, Hamas, on 7 October.

This condition also caused pressure on him to emerge from within Israel. In a Reuters report, the Israeli public has raged at several ministers in Netanyahu’s cabinet and blamed them for failing to prevent the Hamas attack on Israel last October 7, which killed 1,200 people, kidnapped another 240 and plunged the country into war.

In Israel, pressure is starting to be shown by senior politicians. It is noted that three former PMs have asked Netanyahu to abdicate.

In an interview 24, Former Israeli PM Ehud Barak said that Netanyahu does not have the trust of the Israeli people or the army following the devastating attacks carried out by Hamas.

“I don’t believe the public trusts Netanyahu to lead when he is under the weight of the devastating events that have just occurred during his term in office,” he told Observer.

“Netanyahu must resign now. His government is dysfunctional.”

Echoing Barak, another former PM, Yair Lapid, has called on Netanyahu to step down “immediately”. According to him, Netanyahu will no longer be able to lead the country’s campaign against Hamas.

“Netanyahu must go immediately… We need change, Netanyahu cannot remain PM,” Lapid said on Wednesday in an interview with an Israeli news channel.

“We cannot allow ourselves to undertake a long-term campaign under a PM who has lost the trust of the people.”

Another former PM, Ehud Olmert, also spoke out in opposing Netanyahu. He said the current leaders were a danger to Israel and argued that their goal should be to resume negotiations leading to the creation of a Palestinian state.

“(Netanyahu) has shrunk. He’s emotionally devastated, that’s for sure. I mean, something bad happened to him. Bibi (Netanyahu’s nickname) has worked all his life under the false pretense that he’s Mr. Security. He’s Mr. Bullshit,” he said.

“Every minute he’s been PM, he’s been a danger to Israel. I really mean that. I’m sure the American people understand that he’s in a bad way.”

3. The war continues

The war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, Palestine continues. There was no recent ceasefire announcement.

The announcement of the extension of the ceasefire should be expected to occur Friday at 07.00 am local time or around 12.00 WIB. Qatari and Egyptian mediators also did not provide statements.

Quote Al Jazeera And The Guardian, the Israeli military has also made a statement about continuing the war. The IDF said Hamas had violated the ceasefire and fired rockets into Israeli territory.

“The rocket was launched from Gaza and successfully intercepted,” Israel said on the same page.

Reuters reported that sirens had sounded on the border with the Gaza Strip, about an hour before the extension of the ceasefire between Hamas and Israel was to end.

4. Indonesia sues Israel to international court

Indonesia has officially expressed its support for suing Israel before international courts, including the International Court of Justice. This was stated by Minister of Foreign Affairs (Menlu) Retno Marsudi in her speech at the UN headquarters, New York, USA, 28 November.

In the transcript of the contents of the speech seen CNBC Indonesia, Friday (1/12/2023), RI called on countries in the world to open their eyes to what Israel is doing in Gaza, Palestine. Double standards, he said, had occurred when some countries in the world looked at this problem.

“May I ask? Are Israel’s actions consistent with international law? Are these consistent with international humanitarian law?” said Retno on that occasion.

“Let us be honest with ourselves in answering these questions,” he added.

“… We must also call out double standards in the application of international law which seriously undermine the sanctity of the law itself,” he explained.

“Therefore, Indonesia supports efforts to ensure Israel’s accountability in various related forums including the International Court,” he added.

5. Hezbollah accuses the US of being behind the continuation of the war

Ali Damoush, deputy chairman of Hezbollah’s executive council, said Israel was continuing its aggression in Gaza based on the US decision.

“This war from the start has been America’s war against the Palestinian people, and all of America’s positions and the course of events show that America is not only a partner, but also a decision maker in this matter,” he said in a statement. in the Telegram messaging app.

Aggression and Israel are tools that implement US decisions, he added.

He also said: “Resistance in Gaza and throughout the region will not allow Israel to achieve its goals in this war and will not allow America and Israel to take control of the region.”

6. The UN Secretary General is very disappointed with the continued war

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres regrets the resumption of fighting in Gaza and hopes the pause in fighting can be extended.

“The return of hostilities only shows how important a genuine humanitarian ceasefire is,” Guterres said in a post on X.

7. Israel stops agricultural activities in Gaza

Israeli Army Radio said that agricultural work had been banned in areas close to the separation wall with Gaza.

It said in a post on X that the new rules apply to areas within 7 km of the fence due to the resumption of fighting between Tel Aviv and Hamas.

8. New negotiation progress

The country mediating the Israel-Hamas conflict, Qatar, has confirmed that negotiations between Hamas and Israel are continuing “with the aim of returning to the pause period”.

In a statement, Qatar’s Foreign Ministry expressed “deep regret” over Israel’s renewed bombardment of Gaza, saying it complicates mediation efforts and “exacerbates the humanitarian disaster in the Gaza Strip.”

The ministry also called on the international community to act “swiftly” to stop the violence.

9. Hamas opens up about reasons for further war

Hamas said that Israel rejected an offer to release more prisoners and the bodies of an Israeli family killed in an airstrike carried out by the country in Gaza.

“We offered to hand over the bodies of the Bibas family, free their father so he can take part in their funeral, and hand over two Israeli prisoners,” the group said in a statement.

Israel rejected “all these offers because they had [membuat] previous decision to continue its criminal aggression against the Gaza Strip,” he added.

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