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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern over the fate of the head of Gaza City’s Al-Shifa Hospital, Muhammad Abu Salmiya, who was detained by Israel this week.

WHO said in a statement on Friday that the director of the largest hospital in the besieged Palestinian territory had been arrested on Wednesday along with five other health workers as they took part in a UN mission to evacuate patients.

“Three medical personnel from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and three from the Ministry of Health were detained,” said WHO in its official statement, quoted from Al-Jazeera, Sunday (26/11/2023).

Since then, two of the six people have reportedly been discharged, but “we have no information on the condition of the remaining four health staff, including the director of Al-Shifa hospital,” the statement added.

The UN agency called for their legal and human rights to be fully respected during their detention. An Israeli army spokesman said on Saturday that Abu Salmiya was being questioned.

“We are currently moving forward with … questioning him regarding the fact that he was the head of the hospital that was actually at the top of the terror network,” Israeli military spokesman Doron Spielman said.

“How could he not know what happened? We have hostages who are on CCTV in his hospital.”

The Israeli army, which raided the hospital last week, accused Hamas fighters of using the tunnel complex under Al-Shifa Hospital as a command center – an assertion Hamas and hospital officials have repeatedly denied. Israel has not provided any evidence to support its claims.

Meanwhile, WHO has carried out three evacuation missions to hospitals within a week. On one occasion, WHO succeeded in removing 31 babies from hospitals.

During the third mission on Wednesday, carried out in collaboration with the Palestine Red Crescent, 151 people were evacuated, including patients, their relatives and health workers, according to WHO.

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