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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The senior United States (US) diplomat who was also the country’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Henry Kissinger, died on Wednesday (29/11/2023). He died at the age of 100 years.

Kissinger was one of the most phenomenal foreign ministers in US history. The Jewish-German minister reopened relations between Washington and Beijing with his diplomatic tactics known as Ping Pong Diplomacy.

Former US President Henry Ford called Kissinger a “super secretary of state”. He called Kissinger a figure with a stubborn nature and high self-confidence, which critics tend to call paranoia and selfishness.

“Henry in his mind has never done anything wrong. He has the thinnest skin of any public figure I’ve ever known,” Ford said in a 2006 interview.

After taking office, Kissinger was very active in commenting on several global issues, even until he was very old. In his final years, his life was still filled with attempts by other countries to arrest or question him about past US foreign policies.

In July 2023, he suddenly went to Beijing, China, to meet President Xi Jinping. This comes at a time when relations between the US and China are still at a hot point.

Meanwhile, one of the geopolitical issues he has discussed is the existence of the state of Israel, which is considered controversial because it expelled the Palestinian Arabs from their homeland.

In 2012, Kissinger predicted that the state of Israel would no longer exist in the next 10 years or more precisely in 2022. He wrote this in a column in the New York Post.

The prediction made by the former US secretary of state came at a time of political and security instability in the Middle East, which was triggered by Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip.

“In 10 years, there will be no more Israel,” he said.

Although many praised Kissinger for his intelligence and vast experience, others branded him a war criminal for his support for anti-communist dictatorships, especially in Latin America.

He himself is known to have won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. However, this also became controversial, amidst the rejection of another winner, Le Duc Tho from North Vietnam, and the resignation of two Nobel committees due to the election of Kissinger and the issue of secret US bombings in Cambodia.

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