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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group, Hamas, is starting to claim new victims. This time, Europe must bear the consequences of their second battle in the Gaza Strip.

On Monday (30/10/2023), European natural gas (LNG) futures prices jumped almost 7% to 54 euros (Rp. 905 thousand) per megawatt-hour. This comes after Egypt announced that natural gas imports fell to zero from 800 million cubic feet per day.

Cairo itself announced this due to supply disruptions due to the conflict in the Gaza Strip. It is known that Gaza and Israel directly border the Land of the Pyramids.

“Flows from Egypt to Europe are small, but the war has led to the closure of the Tamar field in the Mediterranean Sea and there are also concerns about the safety of Qatari LNG ships passing through the Strait of Hormuz,” he wrote. Trading Economics.

Natural gas prices in Europe have jumped by around 40% since the war between Israel and Hamas began. Additionally, news of a compressor failure at the Nyhamna gas processing plant in Norway has sparked further supply concerns.

However, gas supplies in Europe are still around 99% full, thanks to a longer stretch of warm weather and strong LNG imports.

Meanwhile, escalation in the Gaza area continues to increase after Israel bombarded the area sporadically. This was done by Tel Aviv to destroy the Hamas group, which attacked the Jewish State on October 7 and killed 1,400 residents.

Even though it claims to target Hamas, Israel’s attacks have in fact caused great damage to civilians. So far, the death toll in Gaza has reached at least 8,000 people.

Apart from massive attacks, Israel has also cut off access to logistics materials, water and utilities to the Gaza area. This condition has also threatened the lives of the residents of the area, with health facilities increasingly overwhelmed due to the large number of victims and limited supplies of medicines and electricity.

Meanwhile, concerns are growing that the conflict could spread to neighboring countries in the Middle East. This is because Israel is urging civilians in the northern part of Gaza to move south ahead of anticipated ground operations.

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