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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A car crashed into a Secret Service vehicle accompanying United States (US) President Joe Biden’s motorcade, Sunday local time. This happened as Biden left his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware.

Quote AFP, The SUV in Biden’s motorcade was hit by a sedan located at the intersection about 40 meters from the US number one. The incident occurred when Biden was answering journalists’ questions.

During the incident, a loud crash was heard. Biden was then taken by Secret Service officers who were waiting and left the location.

“Both the president and first lady are fine,” a White House official told AFP journalists who witnessed the incident, quoted Monday 918/12/2023).

Not long after, the Secret Service sprang into action, cornering a silver car with Delaware license plates and pointing a gun at the driver, who raised his hands. On the other hand, journalists who had questioned Biden were evacuated to enter vehicles that were also included in the president’s motorcade leaving the location.

“Today, at approximately 8:09 p.m., a Secret Service vehicle protecting the route of the presidential motorcade was struck by another vehicle in Wilmington,” said Secret Service Special Agent Steve Kopek.

“There was no protective interest in this incident and the President’s motorcade departed without incident,” he added.

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