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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – An Israeli investigation into Hamas’ finances found that donations to charities linked to the Palestinian group had increased significantly during the attacks since October 7.

“We saw a 70% increase in funds given to Hamas-linked charities,” Uzi Shaya, a former high-ranking officer at Mossad, Israel’s intelligence agency, was quoted as saying CNBC International.

Meanwhile, according to Israeli Defense and Foreign Ministry officials who did not want to be named for reasons of sensitivity, this amount is equivalent to an increase of around US$100 million (Rp. 1.5 trillion) in the last seven weeks if calculated in pure dollar terms.

Claims of the amount of money flowing to Hamas-linked charities could not be independently confirmed. However, current and former United States (US) intelligence officials say Israel is able to track this data.

Since the Oct. 7 attack, Israel’s retaliatory campaign has halted trade in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, leaving international aid, which has only just begun to flow, as the only aid that can save them.

Apart from waging war on land, sea and air, Israel is also fighting in a fourth area: the international financial system.

However, stopping the inflow of money to Hamas is difficult for Israel, because the charitable groups that raise funds are spread across the world and their structures are said to be subject to change.

According to Israel, charities suspected of funneling money to Hamas also frequently change their names, making them increasingly difficult to monitor.

Traditionally, Israel says foreign money flows into Hamas accounts from one of three main sources, namely Iran, the Islamic banking system known as Hawala, and cryptocurrencies.

Money from Iran

Although Iran sometimes directly supplies weapons to its allies, over the past four years, Iran has given Hamas between US$70 million to US$100 million (Rp. 1-1.5 trillion) per year in cash for weapons, missiles, communications systems and utilities. other military.

According to Israeli officials, this money is believed to have been used to pay for most of the missiles and small arms used in the October 7 attack.

Hamas has also siphoned foreign aid from other countries intended for Gaza residents and used the money to build a vast network of tunnels and underground bunkers that have stymied Israeli troops. Many of the hostages taken on October 7 are believed to be held in the tunnel.


Another important source of funding comes from the ancient Islamic money transfer system called Hawala, which is based on trust and not fixed assets. Similar to IOU networks, Hawala helps move money from one party to another, bypassing Western-style banks.

Charitable money channeled to Hamas through Hawala is sometimes intended for legitimate humanitarian needs in Gaza such as medical care, food, and education. But Israel says most of the funds were ultimately used by Hamas for military purposes.

The movement of money in the Gaza island network is fluid and opaque, making the job of Israeli financial trackers much more challenging.

“We realize that the people in Gaza are desperate, and there is severe stress and hardship,” said an Israeli official. “The complication is making sure the charity goes to the right place, because in the past this has never happened.”

Crypto currency

Apart from money from Iran and via Hawala, Israel also said the third main source of funding for Hamas comes from charities and direct contributions via cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency.

Shaya said officials in the US and Israel do not yet fully know the extent of the transfers because Hamas and its donors do not use cryptocurrencies that Western officials typically monitor, such as bitcoin and ethereum. In contrast, the Hamas donor network uses smaller cryptocurrencies.

Shaya specifically cited Crypto firm Tron, which he accused of dodging requests from Israel to cut off accounts. According to reports ReutersTron has recently emerged as a major crypto operator in Iran.

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