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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Samsung has advanced technology in the form of its own generative artificial intelligence model called Samsung Gauss.

The South Korean manufacturer will be the first smartphone brand to equip its products with generative AI technology. This is advanced technology which is not available on other cellphones, let alone the iPhone.

The name Samsung Gauss is taken from the legendary mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss, the originator of the normal distribution theory which is the basis for the development of machine learning and AI technology.

Samsung’s Gauss has several features. The first feature is called Samsung Gauss Language, which is a language model that can write emails and translate content.

Additionally, Samsung hinted at additional capabilities, such as improving the consumer experience by providing smarter device control, if the devices are integrated with various products.

The second feature is to help software developers to write programming code faster. The third feature is called Gauss Image, which can be used to create images or edit images.

“Samsung Gauss is currently used to increase worker productivity, but will continue to be developed into various applications made by Samsung that provide new experiences for users,” said Samsung in a press release, quoted on Sunday (26/11/2023).

A CNBC International report stated that the boss of Samsung’s HP product business, Daniel Araujo, previously stated that Samsung’s generative AI technology would be available to users in 2024.

Samsung looks like it will be one of the first cellphone brands to provide generative AI technology to its users. Samsung’s main competitor, Apple, has not yet announced a generative AI product for their gadgets.

Apple CEO Tim Cook only stated that Apple had a generative AI project without wanting to explain more specifically.

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