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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The application of AI to make super-sophisticated drones as human-killing weapons could soon become a reality, according to reports The New York Times.

Automatic weapons capable of detecting and aiming at targets using AI have been developed by several countries. These include Israel, the United States (US), and China.

Critics say ‘killer robots’ mark a worrying development in AI. Human life and death seem to be completely handed over to machines without human intervention.

Several countries have lobbied the UN to issue a policy prohibiting AI from creating killer drones. However, the US is one of the countries that opposes these negotiations.

Israel, Russia and Australia also agree with the US. These countries want the development of technology for military purposes to be unrestricted, according to reports The Times.

“This issue is the most significant point for the future of humanity,” Alexander Kmentt, Austria’s chief negotiator, said The Timesquoted Thursday (23/11/2023).

“The role of humans in the use of weapons is a fundamental issue, involving law and ethics,” he added.

According to reports published earlier this year, the Pentagon is preparing thousands of AI-powered drones for military needs, quoted from BusinessInsider.

In a speech last August, United States (US) Deputy Minister of Defense Kathleen Hicks said AI-based drone technology would make the country led by Joe Biden superior to China’s military power.

“We will fight Chinese troops with our troops. However, our troops are more difficult to outsmart, difficult to overthrow, difficult to defeat,” he said, according to reports Reuters.

US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said AI-based drones would have the ability to make military decisions under human supervision.

“Relying on human decisions and handing them over to machines is a matter of winning and losing. We will not lose,” he said.

“I don’t think people will be against this [drone AI]. “Because, this will provide great benefits if we place the limits on humans,” he added.

Last October, The New Scientist says AI-controlled drones have been deployed in Ukraine’s war against the Russian invasion. However, it is not clear whether the tool causes harm to humans.

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation.

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