Israel Bombards Gaza, Netanyahu Stops Peace Talks News – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaThe Israeli military increasingly carried out attacks in the southern Gaza Strip on Saturday. The attack threatened to undermine negotiations for the release of hostages and the restoration of a ceasefire that collapsed the day before.

In a new chapter in the war against Hamas militants, Israel’s air force said it carried out “extensive strikes” on Khan Younis, a town in southern Gaza filled with refugees who fled weeks before the Israeli bombardment.

Citing a report by The Wall Street Journal, the Israeli air force said they carried out 400 strikes over the past day. Palestinians in the area said explosions rocked buildings throughout the night, while the director of a major hospital in the city said emergency rooms were flooded with casualties.

The new fighting came a day after talks to extend the ceasefire failed. The ceasefire agreement resulted in the release of more than 100 hostages held by Hamas since its October 7 attack on Israel. Meanwhile dozens of Palestinian prisoners held by Israel were also released.

Earlier, officials from Egypt and Qatar who are mediating in talks between Israel and Hamas rushed to renew a ceasefire after fighting resumed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – who is facing pressure from the families of hostages still being held by Hamas to de-escalate and negotiate the release of more captives – said he ordered Israeli negotiators from the Mossad intelligence service to leave the talks because he said they had reached an impasse. Meanwhile, Arab officials familiar with the negotiations said negotiations continued on Saturday.

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