Israel Dismantles Hamas Tunnels Using Sophisticated Tools But Old Tech – 5 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – One of the main targets of Israeli forces in attacks on Gaza is the underground tunnels created by the Hamas armed group over the years to build its core operational systems.

The tunnel is believed to run through the entire Gaza area for hundreds of kilometers, and experts estimate its depth to be between 15 and 60 meters.

Israeli military forces reportedly use sophisticated but vigilant equipment to detect Hamas underground movements.

They use killer drones and robot bloodhounds. Relentless surveillance is carried out by drones, using sophisticated software that analyzes movement patterns and can recognize individuals’ faces and match them against a database of known Hamas members to reveal hundreds or thousands of entrances.

The robot dogs are named Oketz and Samur which have been trained to track in a 500 kilometer long tunnel.

Defense analysts say Israel uses ground-penetrating radar as well as gravity detectors. This was done so they could map the system beneath the tunnel.

However, entering the tunnel built by Hamas was not easy. Israel is trying to equip its robots so they can find the various traps used.

The prepared robot dog has a number of capabilities. Starting from detecting bombs and explosives, finding entry ways, and attacking by biting the hands of enemy personnel.

The tunnel is one of Israel’s focuses. This is because its destruction is crucial for the counterattack against Hamas which attacked Israel on October 7 2023.

The Rand Corporation revealed that Hamas employed 900 people to build the tunnel system. The organization even sent a team of engineers to study in Iran.

In Iran, the team learned various things in the tunnels. Namely related to electricity, ventilation and water supplies.

The tunnel was built over nearly a decade. There, it was reported that various weapons and food reserves were stored.

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