Israel Has Human Killing Robots Using AI Tech Technology – 13 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now being used by several countries to develop super sophisticated weapons. Israel did not miss out on using these weapons for its country’s defense.

According to a report by The New York Times, Israel is currently developing AI weapons in the form of automatic human-killing drones that will soon become a reality.

AI-based drones are able to detect and aim at targets accurately. Apart from Israel, this AI drone was also developed by the United States (US) and China.

Critics say ‘killer robots’ mark a worrying development in AI. Human life and death seem to be completely handed over to machines without human intervention.

Several countries have lobbied the UN to issue a policy prohibiting AI from creating killer drones. However, the US is one of the countries that opposes these negotiations.

Israel, Russia and Australia also agree with the US. These countries want the development of technology for military purposes to be unrestricted, according to The Times report.

“This issue is the most significant point for the future of humanity,” said Alexander Kmentt, Austria’s chief negotiator, to The Times, quoted Friday (24/11/2023).

Kmentt said automated weapons would make a fundamental change. Their use can trigger legal and ethical problems.

According to reports published earlier this year, the Pentagon is preparing thousands of AI-powered drones for military needs, quoted from Business Insider.

In a speech last August, United States (US) Deputy Minister of Defense Kathleen Hicks said AI-based drone technology would make the country led by Joe Biden superior to China’s military power.

“We will fight Chinese troops with our troops. However, our troops are more difficult to outsmart, difficult to overthrow, difficult to defeat,” he said, according to a Reuters report.

US Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said AI-based drones would have the ability to make military decisions under human supervision.

Last October, The New Scientist said AI-controlled drones had been deployed in Ukraine’s war against the Russian invasion. However, it is not clear how big the impact of the destruction will be.

The Pentagon did not immediately respond to a request for confirmation.

Israel Postpones Ceasefire
The news about Israel and the US developing killer robots emerged in the midst of the war currently taking place in the Middle East. In an effort to eradicate the Hamas group, Israel attacked Gaza with relentless bombardment.

Efforts for a ceasefire have been echoed by world countries. Some time ago, Israel agreed to a temporary ceasefire on Thursday (23/11), but it was postponed.

The chairman of Israel’s National Security Council, Tzachi Hanegbi, indicated that the release of at least 50 Israeli and foreign hostages held by Hamas was as planned. However, this will only happen on Friday (24/11) today.

In fact, it is not yet clear what caused the delay. According to Reuters, its source in Egypt, said that the mediator had asked for a start time of 10 am. However, this apparently could not be realized.

On the other hand, Israel’s public broadcaster, Kan, quoted an unnamed Israeli official. It was reported that the 24-hour delay occurred because the agreement was not signed by Hamas and Qatari mediators.

Al-Jazeera also said the same thing. Hamas also reportedly has not provided a list of the prisoners.

It is estimated that there are 240 hostages being held by Hamas. Through the deal, Israel will also free at least 150 Palestinian women and children held in Israeli prisons and allow more humanitarian aid to enter.

“For every 10 additional hostages released, there will be an additional day of lull in fighting,” an Israeli government document said.

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