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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Israeli surveillance technology is secretly installed in the Palestinian border area. This device was installed to monitor the movements of Palestinians.

The border area in question is the city of Hebron, which was divided into two based on an agreement between Israel and the Palestinian liberation organization in 1997. H1 is managed by the Palestinian Authority, while H2 is held by Israel.

In H2 there are 33 thousand Palestinians and 800 Israeli settlers living illegally. However, the movement of Palestinian people is not as free as that of Israeli citizens.

They are prohibited from using certain roads open to Israeli citizens. Additionally, they also had to pass through a network of military checkpoints and other barriers.

At the Hebron checkpoint it was also reported that Israel used Red Wolf facial recognition technology. Amnesty reported that the technology was related to two other military-managed systems, namely Wolf Pack and Blue Wolf.

Wolf Pack is an extensive database containing all information about Palestinians from OPT. This data includes residence, family members and whether they wish to be questioned by Israeli authorities.

The data stored by Wolf Pack can be accessed directly by applications installed on smartphones or tablets. The application is called Blue Wolf.

So when Palestinians pass through a checkpoint, the Red Wolf system will scan their faces. This was done without the resident’s knowledge or approval.

The scan will then be compared with existing data regarding Palestinians. Red Wolf will use this information to determine whether or not someone should pass through the checkpoint.

If permission is not obtained, then the person cannot enter. Refusal can also be issued regarding information stored in a Palestinian profile, for example regarding a person’s desire to be interrogated or arrested.

The data held by Red Wolf also continues to increase. Based on the Breaking the Silence report, the Israeli commander in Hebron explained that soldiers were tasked with optimizing the facial scanning algorithm so that IDF cameras could automatically recognize every Palestinian face.

In fact, there is a competition between Israeli army units to upload as many photos of Palestinians as possible.

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