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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesian people still prefer to be prepaid cellular users. The number is also greater than prepaid customers.

This note CNBC Indonesia get from the financial reports of three Indonesian cellular operator companies, PT Indosat Tbk. (Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison/ISAT), PT XL Axiata Tbk. (EXCL), and Telkomsel, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk. (TLKM). Throughout 2023, the number of prepaid customers will still dominate the total number of cellular users.

Meanwhile, there are still very few postpaid users across companies. Even if there is an increase, it is not too significant.

At Indosat, for example, the number of customers as of the end of September 2023 reached 99.4 million. This figure is divided into prepaid 97.8 million and postpaid 1.6 million. This means that only 1.61 percent of Indosat customers choose to pay after usage.

Similar data can also be seen on XL Axiata. The number of customers in Q3/2023 reached 57.5 million, namely prepaid 55.9 million and postpaid 1.6 million. This means that the portion of XL Prioritas users, XL postpaid products, is more dominant, namely 2.8 percent. The number also increased significantly from mid-2023, increasing by around 100 thousand customers.

There are indeed many more Halo Telkomsel customers compared to postpaid at other companies. However, the number is still far from Telkomsel’s prepaid users.

In the first 9 months of 2023, the number of Telkomsel users was 158.2 million. Halo card users reached 7.4 million, while prepaid reached 150.8 million. This places Telkomsel as the operator with the highest share of postpaid users, namely around 4.7 percent.

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