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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Jack Ma’s plans after leaving the world of technology are starting to be revealed. After reportedly going to become a farmer, the latest report states that the man who has retired from Alibaba will go into business selling food.

It was reported that Jack Ma founded a company operating in the food sector. Named Hangzhou Ma’s Kitchen Food, the company is located in Hangzhou China, which is also his hometown and Alibaba’s headquarters.

Kitchen Food is recorded as having capital of 10 million yuan. This is based on reports South China Morning Post citing the National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System agency.

Kitchen Food is wholly owned by Hangzhou Dajingtou No.22 Arts and Culture Co, an investment company owned by Jack Ma, quoted BusinessInsiderMonday (27/11/2023).

South China Morning Post reported that Jack Ma’s new company will operate in the sales of packaged and processed foods. Apart from that, it is also used for retail sales of agricultural products.

Agriculture has been Jack Ma’s concern for some time. After criticizing local authorities and getting into trouble afterwards, he traveled around the world, including studying agriculture.

He learned it while traveling to Japan, the Netherlands, and Thailand. Jack Ma also teaches and researches sustainable agriculture and food production at Tokyo College.

In addition, based on reports South China Morning Post, Jack Ma also invests in startups agrotech named 1.8 Meters Marine Technology (Zechiang). Dajingtou is also listed as holding 10% of its shares.

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