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Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaForeign exchange(forex) is currently one of the instruments chosen by many traders. There are even those who use Forex as a tool to increase their income which is used for living or what is known astrading for living.

However, not many traders from Indonesia have experienced the sweet story of forex trading. Many forex traders from Indonesia have experienced significant losses.

JFX Director, Yazid Kanca Surya, said this was because Indonesians were lazy about investing time. This means that many forex traders in Indonesia join in trading without knowing the product.

That’s why you have to invest time, don’t just join in, you’re guaranteed to run out of money. “So we have explained a lot, know the product, know the market, and what influences it in terms of fundamentals, discipline and self-knowledge,” he explained. In the Cuan Class which has a theme“Turbocharge Your Wealth Through Forex & Commodity Trading”,Saturday (25/11/2023).

This further proves that Indonesian traders want to always be instant without going through complicated processes. Such as learning and understanding the characteristics of investment.

So it is not surprising that out of 100 traders, only 1 trader is successful and the other 99 losers.

“I see that overseas they like complicated transactions, while in Indonesia people don’t like complicated transactions. That’s why 99 people lose, 1 person wins. Indonesians are lazy about investing time,” he explained.

For this reason, he continued, traders from Indonesia are encouraged to learn from Warren Buffett. At the age of 96, he still likes reading newspapers and reading research.

“Investing in products is more important and doesn’t stop there. What kind of technical and fundamental knowledge? You have to devote time, even if the money is small, and study the product,” he concluded.

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