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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati received instructions from President Joko Widodo to supervise the follow-up of ministries/institutions (KL) regarding the findings of the Financial Supervisory Agency. This instruction cannot be separated from the many findings at K/L by the Financial Audit Agency (BPK)

This was stated by Sri Mulyani after the BPK handed over the 2023 Semester I Examination Results Summary (IHPS) to Jokowi at the State Palace, Friday (8/12/2023).

“Several findings need to be followed up, the president instructed that later we convey to ministries/institutions, BUMN, regional governments, regarding the BPK’s findings so that they are followed up, monitored where the Ministry of Finance will monitor them,” said Sri Mulyani

“And we report several other findings, whether this is related to energy security issues, then spending on DMO, then we will follow up on several BUMN problems, we will follow up. This is still the first semester,” he continued.

On that occasion, Sri Mulyani also commented on the Reasonable Opinion with Exceptions (WDP) to the Ministry of Communication and Information. He confirmed it was corrective action which will later determine the status of the ministry that caused a stir in the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) case.

As is known, based on IHPS semester I-2023, Kominfo’s financial report is the only 2022 State Ministry/Institution Financial Report (LKKL) that received WDP opinion. Meanwhile, the remaining 80 K/L received an unqualified opinion (WTP).

This opinion is based on fixed asset problems that affect the appraiser, especially the provision of the Bakti 4G Base Transceiver Station. Apart from that, from the previous BPK audit results, the results of the follow-up carried out by the government were only 76%, while for the Development Plan and National Medium Work Plan (RPJMN) it was only 47%.

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