Jokowi Issues Leave Regulations for Ministers and Cs Who Run for Presidential Election News – 13 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) signed Government Regulation (PP) Number 53 of 2023 which regulates the leave of ministers and Regional Heads during the 2024 General Election campaign. It also regulates the procedures for applying for leave for Ministers or Regional Heads who are running in the 2024 Presidential Election.

In this regulation, ministers and regional heads are required to take leave during election campaigns.

In article 31 it is written that Ministers and ministerial level officials can carry out campaigns if the person concerned is a Presidential Candidate (Capres) or Vice Presidential Candidate (Cawapres), has the status of a member of a political party, or is a member of a campaign team.

Likewise with the positions of Governor and Deputy Governor, Regent, Deputy Regent, Mayor.

Meanwhile, holidays are free days to carry out General Election Campaigns outside of the leave provisions.

Then in article 34 paragraph (2) the Minister applies for leave to the President through the Minister of State Secretary, while the Governor and Deputy Governor apply for leave to the Minister of Home Affairs with a copy to the President. Meanwhile, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor applied for leave to the governor with a copy to the Minister of Home Affairs.

For Ministers and Regional Heads who are running as presidential and vice-presidential candidates, leave is requested no later than 7 days before the campaign is held.

Meanwhile, Article 36 paragraph (1) states that state officials are given leave once a week during the campaign period.

The regulation states that ministers and ministerial level officials as intended in Article 31 paragraph (1) letters b and c, as well as governors, deputy governors, regents, deputy regents, mayors and deputy mayors as intended in Article 31 paragraph (2 ) letters b and letter c carry out leave for 1 (one) working day in 1 (one) week during the General Election Campaign period.

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