Jokowi Responds to Anies’ Satire: President Gets Scolded Just Normally News – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Presidential candidate Anies Baswedan quipped that Indonesia’s democracy index was declining in the first presidential election debate some time ago. President Joko Widodo also opened his voice and responded casually.

“Yes, that’s an evaluation,” said Jokowi with a smile, in the Monas area, last Friday as written on Saturday (16/12/2023).

According to him, during his reign he never restricted people from speaking. In fact, he gave the example that he was often berated and belittled by society.

“But what is clear is that we have never implemented any restrictions, in speaking, in opinions, there are those who curse at the president, there are those who insult the president, there are those who demean the president, there are those who speak ill of it and it’s just normal,” stressed Jokowi. .

Apart from that, Jokowi explained that his government had never prohibited demonstrations. You can see that there are many demos taking place every week.

Photo: Anies Baswedan (Youtube Screenshot)
Anies Baswedan (Youtube Screenshot)

“There are demonstrations at the Horse Statue, in front of the Palace, almost every week, every day. There are no problems,” he said.

Previously, Presidential Candidate Anies Baswedan criticized Indonesia’s democracy index and declining freedom of speech in a debate at the KPU Office, Tuesday (12/12/2023).

Anies stated that the people do not believe in the current democratic process which is not good and the people do not trust it.

“When talking about democracy, there are at least 3. One, there is freedom of speech, (second) the opposition balances the government, third there is the election, a neutral, transparent and fair presidential election process,” said Anies.

“Our democracy index is declining. In fact, articles on the authority of critics, for example the ITE Law or Article 14 of Law No. 1 of 1946, disrupt freedom of speech,” he continued.

“Secondly, the opposition is minimal, the test tomorrow is whether the elections will be neutral. Third, the problem now is wider than (political parties) political parties. Political parties need to restore this trust. Political parties need costs, this has never been considered for political parties’ campaigns. There are costs that should be calculated correctly, so that “The people see (and) can be held accountable,” he stressed.

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