Just go to Transmart on holiday, there’s a discount party of up to 50+20%! News – 5 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Confused about where to go on holiday. Don’t worry, so you don’t get confused, let’s just go to Transmart. Transmart is again holding a massive discount promo program, Transmart Full Day Sale on Sunday (10/12/2023). This discount is valid from the time the shop opens until it closes at 22.00 or 10 at night.

Transmart Full Day Sale offers discounts of up to 50% plus an additional 20% discount if you transact using Allo Prime, Allo Paylater, Bank Mega credit card, or Bank Mega Syariah credit card.

This discount applies to various products ranging from fresh products, chicken meat, household necessities, furniture, children’s and adult clothing, electronic goods, to electric bicycles.

Meanwhile, 1/2 PK Split ACs from various brands such as LG, Polytron, Panasonic, Sharp and Samsung are priced from the normal price of IDR 4.1 million to the promo price of IDR 3,374,000, and the Transmart Full Day Sale sale price IDR 2,699,200 .

There are also refrigerators from side by side from LG, Polytron, Panasonic, Sharp and Samsung from IDR 12,040,000 and the promo price is IDR 10 million, so the sale price is IDR 8,799,200. There is even a study table from Jarvis Office Desk White/Black for IDR 919,200 from IDR 1.4 million.

The following are the terms and conditions for the Transmart Full Day Sale Sunday, 10 December 2023:

1. Additional 20% discount only for using Allo Prime, Bank Mega & Mega Syariah credit cards

2. The additional 20% discount is only valid on 12 November 2023 from store opening – 22.00 (local time) in all Transmart stores.

3. Especially for electronics, maximum purchase is 2 pcs per category (Tv, AC, Washing Machine, Audio (Pas Pro Type) Small Appliance without restrictions.

4. Especially for purchasing a maximum of 2 chickens & 2 kg meat.

5. Especially for electric bicycles, maximum purchase is 2 units.

6. Especially for Cosmetics & Fragrances, the regular 10% discount applies & discounts do not apply at Body Shop & Sport Station.

7. Discounts do not apply to Cooking Oil, Baby & Children’s Milk, Instant Noodles, Rice, Flour, Eggs, Cigarettes, Household Necessities Items in the Catalog & Instore Promo, Alcoholic Drinks, Parcels/Hampers, Gadgets & Laptops, and other products marked “Discount Not Applicable”.

8. Discount does not apply to Mega Corporate, Mega Wholesale Card, Mega Groserindo, TVS & Trans Hello cards.

9. Non-refundable and does not apply to wholesale purchases (Merchants).

For those who don’t have a Bank Mega Credit Card, there’s no need to worry. There are instant opening units available at Cibubur and Central Park outlets. Meanwhile, for those who don’t have Allo Prime, just download the Allo Bank application on PlayStore or AppStore. Just click this download link and upgrade to Allo Prime.

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