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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of Communication and Information (Kominfo) does not want to make strict regulations to regulate the use of artificial intelligence or AI in Indonesia. For your information, the application of AI is becoming a hot topic on the global stage, after the emergence of the popular ChatGPT service in 2022.

Deputy Minister of Communication and Information Nezar Patria said they did not want to limit innovation. Governments want to respond to AI by maximizing its benefits and minimizing its risks.

“We probably won’t make strict regulations. Why? Because we don’t want to limit innovation,” said Nezar at the Kominfo Media Gathering in Jakarta, Friday evening (24/11/2023).

“That is our stance regarding AI,” he stressed.

For this reason, Kominfo will make a Circular Letter (SE) which can be used as a guide for using AI in Indonesia. This can be useful for the developers, users, and stakeholders involved. With this SE, it is hoped that actors will have norms that can be taken into account when developing AI in Indonesia.

“So, this will be in the form of a circular letter, not yet a Ministerial Regulation (Ministerial Regulation) in the form of an interactive regulation, but only a normative one,” he explained.

This AI usage guide will be discussed next Monday (27/11). Kominfo will invite a number of related stakeholders, academics, researchers, related ministries, health service officials, and many others.

According to Nezar, the SE is an initial step which in the future will be included in other regulations, along with developments in how AI is implemented in Indonesia.

“We have prepared the draft based on discussions and absorbing emerging global trends, as well as existing national conditions. We are trying to process it, we are taking the essence, we are having dialogue with many parties,” said Nezar.

“We will look at the input from various stakeholders and we will issue it soon, hopefully by the beginning of December we will have a circular guiding the use of AI,” he concluded.

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