Kominfo opens use of Starlink specifically for remote areas of RI Tech – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of Communication and Information is opening all options to be able to connect the internet to areas that are difficult to reach. This includes utilizing satellite technology, for example Satria-1 which recently arrived in orbit.

Deputy Minister of Communications and Information Nezar Patria explained that his party was pursuing the development of BTS. One of them is in hundreds of areas with unpredictable geographical and security conditions or force majeure areas.

“We are currently pursuing the construction of the BTS, right. Hopefully by the end of the year or early January next year. All of them. There are only 613 remaining left, if I’m not mistaken, that’s the force majeure. Only the force majeure remains,” said Nezar in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/ 12/2023).

Meanwhile, the remaining BTS just need to complete the payment process. The BTS tower has been erected and is waiting to be operated.

However, this process was stopped due to the 4G BTS corruption case. Finally, payment could be made after clarification from the Bakti task force.

For areas that are difficult to reach, he said his party was looking for a number of alternatives. This area is especially located in eastern Indonesia.

“In this case it is in Papua because the geographical location is quite difficult and security factors are taken into consideration,” he said.

They are looking for other technologies that can be done without having to build a BTS. That way, there are no people who are not connected to the internet.

When asked whether he could use Starlink which has collaborated with Telkomsat, he just said everything was taken into consideration. “All options [termasuk Starlink dari Telkomsat] “It’s under consideration, it will be decided later,” said Nezar.

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