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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Minister of Investment or Head of the Investment Coordinating Board, Bahlil Lahadalia, said that until now he has not received an investment plan application for Tiktok Shop (Tiktok) to a domestic e-commerce company. He said that until now he had not signed any documents related to the investment plan.

“Regarding Tiktok, I haven’t received it and I haven’t seen any application,” said Bahlil at the Indonesia Maju Media Center, in Jakarta, Monday (4/11/2023).

Bahlil said that if the investment permit had been applied for, he would definitely sign the application. However, because until now he has not seen any documents related to the investment plan, he believes that Tiktok has not submitted an application. “Usually if there is one I sign it, I haven’t signed it so it doesn’t exist yet,” he said.

Previously, the government closed the Tiktok Shop since last October because it was hampered by Minister of Trade Regulation 31 of 2023. After it was closed, Tiktok’s return to Indonesia was widely heard about.

Tiktok is said to be starting to approach a number of domestic e-commerce companies to get back on the air. One of those approached was Gojek Tokopedia. Apart from that, there are also the names Blibli and Bukalapak which have been met by Tiktok.

Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs (Menkop UKM) Teten Masduki has received news that TikTok will collaborate with domestic e-commerce to resume operations in Indonesia. The name that is widely heard is that TikTok will collaborate with GoTo.

“[Kalau TikTok masuk e-commerce besar Indonesia?] That doesn’t matter, because for example whether Tokopedia or Bukalapak, I don’t know which one. “Because both of them have IPOs, they bought shares in the capital market, so the government doesn’t need to interfere here because they are public companies,” he said at Berita Nusantara at JCC Jakarta, Tuesday (28/11/23).

He continued, his party had just met with Tokopedia. Teten then emphasized that it is in the government’s interest not to allow predatory pricing practices again because that will hit MSMEs. External digital platforms such as TikTok must also respect national economic development. Including the government also wants the digital economy to start implementing sustainable business models.

“If we let money burn, this is not a sustainable business model. Therefore it must be regulated. What needs to be regulated is a prohibition on predatory pricing, a prohibition on selling goods in e-commerce that are below COGS (cost of production),” Teten said.

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