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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Director General of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, revealed that on average one child in the Gaza Strip, Palestine is killed every 10 minutes.

“On average, one child is killed every 10 minutes in Gaza,” Tedros told the UN Security Council, quoted by Reuters, Saturday (11/11/2023).

“Nowhere and no one is safe,” he added.

In addition, Tedros said that half of the 36 hospitals and two-thirds of primary health care centers in Gaza were no longer functioning. According to Tedros, the hospitals operating are no longer at capacity.

Seeing this condition, Tedros described the health service system in Gaza as being in a deteriorating condition.

“Hospital corridors are full of injured, sick and dying people. Morgues are very full. Surgery is done without anesthesia. Tens of thousands of refugees are taking shelter in hospitals,” said Tedros.

Through his presentation, Tedros claimed to understand what the children of Gaza are experiencing. Because, he had experienced a war situation in Ethiopia.

“The sound of gunfire and bullets in the air, the smell of smoke after the attack, the tracer bullets in the night sky, the fear, pain and loss, these things have stayed with me throughout my life,” said Tedros.

Israel and the US claim to provide assistance to hospitals in Palestine

Since October 7 2023, WHO has verified more than 250 attacks on health services in Gaza and the West Bank. Meanwhile, there were 25 attacks on health services in Israel.

Israel’s UN Ambassador, Gilad Erdan, told the Security Council that Israel had set up a task force to set up a hospital in southern Gaza. On October 12, Israel ordered the estimated 1.1 million people in Gaza to move south ahead of a ground invasion.

“Israel is holding advanced talks with the United Arab Emirates, the ICRC and other European countries regarding the establishment of field hospital ships and floating hospitals,” Erdan said.

“Israel facilitated the delivery of medical aid from Jordan to hospitals in northern Gaza. Sadly, Israel did more for the welfare of Gazans than the WHO or any other UN agency,” he continued.

Meanwhile, the Deputy US Ambassador to the UN, Robert Wood, said that the United States (US) had made efforts to provide fuel to hospitals in Gaza.

He emphasized that civil and humanitarian facilities must be respected and protected based on international law.

Update on the number of victims of the Israel vs Hamas war

Launching from AFPas of Friday (10/11/2023) the Ministry of Health in Gaza recorded that 11,078 people, 4,506 of whom were children, had died as a result of Israeli attacks, while 27,490 other people were injured.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Qudra, revealed that 21 of the 35 hospitals in Gaza were no longer operating. Previously, the number of hospitals that stopped operating was 18.

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