Learn from Inara Rusli, Royalties are Intangible Assets! My Money – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Not long ago, it was reported that Inara Rusli won royalties for three songs written by Virgoun. This is because these intangible assets are declared as joint assets.

As reported CNNInara won joint treasure status for the songs “Love Letter to Starla, Evidence, and Goodbye.

Inara explained that her decision to choose these three songs as a shared treasure was not without reason. This was due to his involvement as Virgoun’s center of inspiration. Virgoun’s ex-wife claimed that Virgoun himself admitted that the three songs were inspired by him.

Last May, Inara’s attorney, Arjana Bagaskara, also said that if the song had no economic value, we would not prosecute it. But because this has economic value and is important for the survival of Inara and her children.

Royalties can also be gifted or inherited

According to an article in Online Law, when we talk about joint assets in marriage, of course this is not limited to assets such as savings, houses, gold, and so on. Royalties on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) can also become joint assets.

When someone writes songs while they are married, royalties for those songs can become joint property if there is no prenuptial agreement.

IPR itself is an asset that is intangible or intangible, and of course is stated to have economic value.

Based on Article 3 of Law no. 19 of 2002 concerning Copyright, IPR is classified as a movable object.

IPR can also be transferred, through the process of gift, inheritance or in other ways according to the agreement or based on applicable laws and regulations.

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