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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia-The Task Force for Eradicating Illegal Financial Activities (Satgas PASTI) blocked 173 illegal online lending entities in a number of website and applications.

Apart from that, the Task Force, which was previously called the Investment Alert Task Force, also found 129 personal loan content that had the potential to violate content related to personal loans that had the potential to violate the provisions on dissemination of personal data.

Apart from blocking illegal loan and pinpri entities, the PASTI Task Force also blocks account numbers, virtual account numbers and telephone and WhatsApp numbers of suspected perpetrators, to further protect the public.

“The PASTI Task Force again reminds the public to be careful, vigilant and not to use illegal online loans or personal loans because they have the potential to harm society, including the risk of misuse of borrowers’ personal data,” as quoted from the PASTI Task Force press release, Saturday (11/11/2023).

From the list provided by the PASTI Task Force, hundreds of illegal loans took the form of a number of platforms ranging from applications on Android, websites, to Instagram accounts. The following is a list of 302 pinjol and pinpri that have just been blocked by the government.

Latest List of 173 Illegal Loans

1. Let’s borrow – Easy, Fast

2. Let’s borrow online loan tips

3. Latest Fast Express Wallet

4. Borrow YUK OJK safe Guide

5. Rupiah Wallet

6. Digilend Clue Fund Loans

7. Rupiah Wallet

8. Rupiah Funds Quick Tips

9. Fast Cash-Loan Funds

10. Guide Denim Online Loans

11. Danamu Online Loan Advice

12. DanaMudah – Easy Pinjol Guide

13. Easy Funds-Super Cash Helper

14. Online Wallet Funds – Fast Money Loans

15. Super Cash Fintech Company Services

16. Flash Money

17. Super Cash-Safe Money Cs

18. Trusted Loans-Online Credit Trusted Loans

19. Borrow Money – Quick Disbursement Guide

20. Borrow KTA Money Quickly Guia Lunan Fintechno

21. Online KTA Money Loans Tips Parakan Corp

22. We fund Rupiah

23. Creative Studio Warrior Shock Fund Balance Application

24. Arc Mobile Indie Shock Fund Balance Generator

25. Quick Loans Quick Funds Hint AzlanDev

26. Quick Cash Loans Guia Lunan Fintechno

27. Cash Dear – Fast Money Tips Al Shod

28. Pure Loans-Credito Pinjol

29. DanaYes

30. Little Star-Quick Loan Nuista Yerna

31. YYDS Fast Loans

32. Aifo Fast Loans

33. Rock Lake Thuyth Luong Fast Loans

34. Fast Loans – QuickClarke Rupiah Funds

35. DanaKu-Kredit Fast Online Money Loans

36. UangTeman – Online Money Loans

37. Dream Cash

38. Happy money – Borrow money quickly

39. Installment loan

40. Kilat Credit – Integrity Financial Technology Company Money Credit

41. Borrow Quick Money Linnaeus Technology Funding

42. Borrow Quick Money Conchita Tokahi

43. DanaKu-Fast Credit Online Money Loans Eric

44. Cash Funds – Rupiah loans without cash collateral

45. Let’s Rupiah – KTA Online 24 hours

46. ​​Rupiah Maju – PT Rupiah Maju liquid online cash loan

47. Cash Loans-Fast Cash Loans Cash Cash Borrow Cash UUangKu

48. Dana Berkah – How to Loan Online Without Usury Hidmun Apps

49. Dana Indo – List of Indonesian Safe Online Loans LuckyNine Apps

50. Withdraw Funds – Fast Rupiah Cash Loans WITHDRAW FUNDS

51. Borrow 24 hours, just KTP Aftur Play Tips

52. Borrow sufficient funds KTP Aftur Play Guide

53. 5 minute liquid loan Guide Aftur Play

54. Emergency Funds – Cash Credit PT.kecemerlangan Fintech Indonesia

55. Fast Funds – Easy Pinjol PU2TONI Tips

56. Quick Monthly Loans PU2TONI Tips

57. Pinjol Galbay Safe 2023 PU2TONI Tips

58. Easy Cash Loans PU2TONI Tips

59. Pinjol Monthly Tenor 2023 PU2TONI Tips

60. PU2TONI Tip Friends Fund Balance Loan










70. Long Tenor Pinjol 2023 Tip PU2TONI

71. Pinjol Lama Low Interest Tip PU2TONI

72. Easy Light Flower Pinjol Tip PU2TONI

73. Pinjol Tenor 30 Days ACC Tip PU2TONI

74. Large Limit Loans PU2TONI Tips

75. Borrow Rupiah Funds Quickly PU2TONI Tips

76. Pinjol Using E Swallow Liquid Tip PU2TONI

77. Money Collapse Loan Helper BDG FEX

78. Finmas Loan Hints BDG FEX

79. Duit Sayang-Quick Money Credit PT. Duit Sayang Indonesia

80. Kilat Credit – Integrity Financial Technology Company Money Credit

81. UangUang-Fast Online Money Loans PT. Indonesian Cell Phone Money

82. MoneyMoney看看窗外雨

83. MONEY PT. Indonesian Cell Phone Money

84. Salary Loans-Fast payout HANS HUSODO

85. Safe Money-Loan Funds PT. Indonesian Safe Money

86. Easy KTA KSP Mitra Rezeki Prima


88. Bunny Fund-Happy Cash Bunny Tech Fund

89. Doctor for Loan Money Tips Sultan Wahyu Abadi

90. Dana Yuk: Efficient Money Cash Loans Online Credit: Dana Yuk

91. Dana Yuk: Efficient Money Cash Loans Online Credit: Dana Yuk


93. Cooperative/Mobile Bank Loans


95. and trustworthy loans

96. online amanah



99. Trust Loans 2023

100. Amanah online loans

101. online throughout Indonesia

102. Amanah online loans

103. loans without admin fees

104. FAST CAIR 2023



107. Online Loans

108. Amanah Loans – Cash Credit PT. Perpetual Digital Finance

109. Doctor Dana Limited Money Market

110. Rupiah Cash Loan DompetWisdom Group

111. Flash MoneyFlash Money

112. Duit-Flash – Duit Flash Cash Loans

113. Flash Money fd001df45

114. Duit-Flash – Duit Flash Cash Loans

115. Flash Loans Flash Loans

116. ALI Money – Quick Flash Easy Cash Loans Yuanzhiyan

117. Easy Loans: Borrowing money is easier in money market

118. iLoans iLoans

119. We Help PT. Our Service Helps

120. We Help We Help Software

121. Help the People DLBantuSesama

122. Doris Cooking Emergency Pouch

123. Fan Technology Emergency Bag

124. ApkOnline Emergency Pocket

125. Cooking Emergency Pocket

126. Emergency Pocket[email protected]

127. Fan Technology Emergency Bag

128. Kasku Fast – Fast Easy Loan Money Funds KASKU CEPAT

129. Kasku Fast – Fast Easy Loan Money Funds KASKU CEPAT

130. Kasku Fast – Fast Easy Loan Money Funds KASKU CEPAT

131. Kasku Fast – Fast Easy Loan Money Funds KASKU CEPAT

132. Shortage of Money on LIGHTNING LOANS

133. Rupiah Place-Short of Cash?Come To Cash Bobby.Salazar

134. Place of Funds- I want to be rich? Borrow rupiah extremi25472

135. KooRupiah – KooRupiah Money Loans

136. KooRupiah – KooRupiah Money Loans

137. KooRupiah – KooRupiah Money Loans

138. Kredee-Kredee Online Money Loan Credit

139. Kredee

140. Kredee-Kredee Online Money Loan Credit

141. Go rupiah Matthew H White

142. Mango Wallet – Mango Wallet Online Money Loan

143. Mango Wallet – Fast Liquid Online Loans Wu Mangga

144. Mango Wallet – KSP Mango fast loan tool

145. Mango Wallet Loan Clue chokoojourney

146. Infinity Digital Cash Shop

147. Rich money

148. Bear Online Loans – Clue PT PINJOL DANA CAIR

149. Cash Loan Tips Denim Market App

150. Bear Online Loans – Clue APK Majaya Sentosa

151. Lightning-Money Kapoor Boat

152. Lucky Loans Loan Tips Rasafi Droid

153. Dewa Penolong – Easy loans PT. Dewa Penolong Ind

154. Loan Helping God – Clue PT PINJOL DANA CAIR

155. LDWay Loan-Clue Fortuna Fund

156. Dana Fortuna Safe Wallet PINJOL OJK Helper Tips

157. Fortuna Funds – StarPro LTD Hint Loans

158. LDWay Fortuna-Clue Fund

159. ANGEL FUND[email protected]

160. ANGEL FUND Rogers Rangan

161. Angel Smart Hart

162. Angel Smart Hart

163. ANGELS : Download Rogers Rangan

164. Dana MalAikat Amanda.Carpenter

165. Angel Moon Cake

166. Go Rupiah currency balance inc

167. Go-Balance Super Cash

168. Go Balance Raymond Coats

169. Go Balance Go Balance

170. Go GoGo Info Balance

171. Go Balance Go Balance

172. GoStar Moore Moon

173. Go-Star Alona Hodel

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