List of the 10 Most Anti-Corruption Countries in the World, There are RI Lifestyle Neighbors – 3 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Corruption is a practice that is a serious problem for almost all countries in the world. According to the United Nations (UN), corruption is a complex social, political and economic phenomenon and occurs in all countries.

Corruption, which is generally carried out by those in power, is considered to be able to damage democratic institutions, slow down economic development, and contribute to government instability.

Reporting from Statista, Transparency International conducted research to rank the most corrupt countries based on expert assessments and public opinion. The results of this research are summarized in the Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI).

In this research, there are several aspects used to assess the level of corruption in a country, namely bribery of public officials, bribery in public procurement, embezzlement of state funds, and how effective anti-corruption efforts in the public sector are.

According to CPI 2022, Denmark is the most anti-corruption country in the world with a perception score of 90, followed by Finland and New Zealand with a score of 87. Meanwhile, Singapore is the only country from Asia to be on the list.

The higher the score a country has, the lower the level of corruption in that country. So, which country is the most anti-corruption in the world?

The following are the 10 countries with the lowest levels of corruption in the world according to the CPI:

1. Denmark: Score 90
2. Finland: Score 87
3. New Zealand: Score 87
4. Norway: Score 84
5. Singapore: Score 83
6. Sweden: Score 83
7. Switzerland: Score 82
8. Netherlands: Score 80
9. Germany: Score 79
10. Ireland: Score 77

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