“Making It First” Bank Mega Invites You to Drink Healthy Juice Rp. 1 Lifestyle – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Mega Tbk (MEGA) again made a surprise “Make It First” as an appreciation for the loyalty of Bank Mega credit card holders. Bank Mega provides various customer experiences, such as watching together, sports, music, fashion, culinary and others.

Deputy President Director of Bank Mega, Diza Larentie, said that this time, Bank Mega is again providing a special experience, in the form of inviting customers holding Bank Mega credit cards to be the first to taste the freshness of Re.Juve cold press juice. Healthy drinks made from quality ingredients can be obtained by exchanging IDR 1 via a Bank Mega credit card transaction.

In this activity, Bank Mega provided more than 1,000 bottles of Re.Juve spread across 6 outlets in 5 cities, namely Jakarta in 2 locations (Kelapa Gading Mall and Grand Indonesia), Tangerang (Sumarecon Mall Serpong), Bandung (Trans Studio Mall) , Surabaya (Pakuwon Mall), and Semarang (Pollux Mall Paragon).

For the event which took place in Jakarta and Tangerang, Bank Mega provided 100 IDR 1 coupons for each venue with the mechanism that the first 40 people would get 3 bottles of Re.Juve size @ 250ml, after that the next 60 people would get 2 bottles of Re.Juve size @ 250ml.

Meanwhile, for events in Bandung, Surabaya and Semarang, 75 IDR 1 coupons are available for each venue. The mechanism applies. The first 30 people will get 3 bottles of Re.Juve @ 250ml, then the next 45 people will get 2 bottles of Re.Juve @ 250ml.

“The collaboration that we are carrying out with Re.Juve is Bank Mega’s effort to pamper credit card customers by expanding synergy beyond the retail group within the CT Corp ecosystem, so this certainly provides increasingly diverse choices for Bank Mega credit card customers to received various pleasant surprises at the “Make It First” activity, explained Diza in a written statement, Saturday (9/12/2023).

As one of the largest credit card issuers in Indonesia, Bank Mega has a variety of credit cards tailored to customer needs. Various features and customer loyalty programs found on the Bank Mega credit card, led Bank Mega to win 3 (three) prestigious awards at once from Visa Worldwide Indonesia in October 2023 in the form of Highest Credit Card Volume, Highest Credit Card Active Rate and The Biggest Number of Credit Cards. Holder for Non KBMI Bank group 4.

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