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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Kidneys are an important organ in the human body. However, the problem is that a number of studies show that 9 out of 10 people in the world are not aware of the decline in kidney function.

For information, the kidneys play a role in filtering waste and excess fluids from the blood. Therefore, once the kidneys are damaged, the body’s function is not optimal.

Kidney failure, a chronic disease that threatens the health of this most important vital organ in the human body. And, there is no cure for kidney failure. Although sufferers can live a long life with the help of treatment.

In Indonesia, chronic kidney failure has been recorded at more than 42,000 people. According to the Ministry of Health, there are 12 provinces with the highest cases of kidney failure, namely DKI Jakarta, West Java, Yogyakarta, Bali, North Kalimantan, North Sulawesi, Maluku, Gorontalo, Southeast Sulawesi, NTB and Aceh.

As mentioned, the kidneys are tasked with removing toxins and excess fluids from the blood through urine.

Quoted from Kidney, when someone experiences kidney failure, it means that 85-90% of their kidney function is lost. This means it can no longer work well enough to keep you alive

When the kidneys lose their function, the amount of harmful substances in electrolyte fluid and metabolic waste will accumulate in the sufferer’s body.

This condition can interfere with the function of other organs in the body. Recognize the early symptoms of this disease, don’t be late.

The following are the early symptoms of chronic kidney failure, quoted from SehatQ:

– Fatigue
– Feeling unwell (malaise)
– Nauseous
– Loss of appetite
– Constant itching of the skin
– Skin becomes dry
– Weight loss for no apparent reason.

Symptoms of advanced chronic kidney failure:

– Skin that is darker or lighter than usual
– Bone pain
– Difficulty concentrating, thinking or staying alert
– Numbness in the limbs
– Swelling in the feet, hands and ankles
– Twitching and cramps in the muscles
– Bad breath
– Easy bruising and bleeding
– Excessive thirst
– Frequent hiccups
– Menstrual cycle disorders
– Urinating more or less frequently than usual
– Hard to breathe
– Vomit
– Severe fatigue
– Difficulty sleeping (insomnia)
– Weak
– Sexual dysfunction

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