Many things are wrong, check the differences between Android TV and Smart TV Tech – 17 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Currently, there are many types of TVs on the market. Including Android TV to Smart TV.

Android TV is included in Smart TV. But this does not happen the other way around.

Smart TV itself is a type of television that can access additional programs via the internet. Like using a computer or laptop connected to the internet to watch television.

Smart TVs usually support a number of built-in applications. Such as Netflix, YouTube, and even Facebook social media.

Smart TV supports any operating system. Especially for Android TV, it will use the Android OS supported by Google.

Smart TV presents a user-friendly interface design and has better and faster performance than Android TV. If you want to use Android TV, Smart TV users just need to add a box like Chromecast.

There are a few more differences between Smart TV and Android TV. Here’s the information:

Application Programs

Android TV has the Android App Store which contains 10s of thousands of applications. Usage is also exactly like using an application on a normal Android cellphone.

Smart TVs run other operating systems such as Tizen OS and WebOS. So application support is more limited and only has well-known default applications that can be accessed.

Automatic Updates

Android TV can update applications, as long as the TV is connected to Wifi. While Smart TVs are a bit difficult to get updates.

Voice Assistant

Android TV has Google Assistant. So the viewing experience, such as switching channels or programs, uses voice control. For Smart TVs, you need additional devices such as Alexa to get the voice assistant feature.

Screen Mirroring and Screen Casting

Android TV supports the screen mirroring feature. So you can use applications from your Android cellphone directly on the TV.

Unfortunately, the same thing cannot be done on Smart TV. To use it, users need other equipment or projections to use it.

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