MIND ID Aims for Green Energy Consumption of 40.2 Million Giga Joules 2030 News – 7 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The BUMN Mining Holding, namely MIND ID, plans to increase the use of energy originating from clean energy in 2030 to 40.2 million Giga Joules. This was done as a company effort to support the government’s targets for the energy transition program.

MIND ID President Director Hendi Prio Santoso hopes that energy consumption originating from clean energy for company group operations can continue to grow in 2030.

During this period, he is targeting an increase in energy consumption to reach 40.2 million giga joules (GJ) or 20 percent of the 2021 realization which was recorded at 33.5 million GJ.

“The MIND ID Group has a target of 33.5 million GJ from the 2021 baseline. We will increase that to 40.2 million GJ or 20% of the 2021 baseline,” said Hendi in the RDP with Commission VII, Monday (27/11/2023) .

Not stopping there, his party will also increase energy consumption originating from clean energy to 52.5 million GJ in 2060. This target is important for achieving net zero emissions in 2060.

“In 2030, what we are pursuing is digitalizing all mining tools and equipment, electrifying main production, especially in the mining product processing industry, then also converting fossil-based fuels to environmentally friendly energy, bio-energy and the use of natural gas,” he said.

Meanwhile, by 2060, the MIND ID group targets all main mining production tools to be electricity-based. The MIND ID Group will also boost the use of renewable energy as an environmentally friendly energy source such as Solar PV, wind power and hydrogen.

“In 2060, the target we want to achieve is the electrification of all main means of production, which is then carried out through increasing renewable energy as an environmentally friendly energy source,” he added.

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