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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – China is experiencing a surge in cases of respiratory diseases and pneumonia in unusual children. Pneumonia itself is inflammation of the lungs due to infection, one of the symptoms of which is shortness of breath.

The rapid surge in cases has overwhelmed many hospitals. Report CNN International who quotes officials at Beijing Children’s Hospital told state media that there are an average of more than 7,000 patients each day currently. This number far exceeds hospital capacity.

Regarding this health condition, the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes RI) stated that the ‘mysterious’ pneumonia outbreak in China could potentially become a new pandemic, Wednesday (29/11/2023).

Director of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control (P2PM) Indonesian Ministry of Health, dr. Imran Pambudi, said that even though it does not have as severe virulence or malignancy as viruses, mycoplasma pneumonia still has the potential to become the next pandemic. Because bacteria can be the beginning of a pandemic.

“Pandemics are more often caused by pathogens that have high virulence. So, we cannot rule out the possibility [mycoplasma pneumonia] “it could become a pandemic, but compared to a virus, it is a much faster virus,” said the Director of Infectious Disease Prevention and Control at the Indonesian Ministry of Health, Dr. Imran Pambudi in an online press conference, Wednesday (29/11/2023).

Based on Chinese media reports, cases of mycoplasma pneumonia have increased since May 2023, with three-quarters of patients diagnosed with mycoplasma infection.

“So in China, Mycoplasma is the most common cause of pneumonia cases. Mycoplasma is a bacteria, not a virus. This was a common cause of respiratory infections before the Covid-19 era,” explained Dr. Imran.

“So, it was a common cause of lung disease, respiratory disease, before Covid-19 with an incidence of 8.6 percent,” he continued.

Signal undiagnosed pneumonia in China was first published by the World Health Organization (WHO) in ProMed on November 22 2023. China’s National Health Commission said the increase in cases was not driven by new pathogens, but rather by the spread of bacteria such as mycoplasma pneumoniae and common pathogens including influenza, rhinovirus, adenovirus and RSV.

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