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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) revealed the average proposed Cost of Organizing the Hajj (BPIH) 1445 H/2024 AD to Commission VIII DPR RI at IDR 105 million.

Special Staff to the Minister of Religion for Media and Public Communications, Wibowo Prasetyo, explained that in accordance with Law no. 8 of 2019 article 44, BPIH is sourced from Bipih (hajj travel costs that must be paid by the congregation), state revenue and expenditure budget, Benefit Value, Efficiency Funds, and/or other legitimate sources based on statutory provisions.

“So the BPIH that must be paid by the congregation is part of BPIH. If the Ministry of Religion submits an initial proposal for BPIH of Rp. 105 million, it does not mean that that amount must also be paid directly by the congregation,” explained Wibowo, quoted from the website, quoted on Saturday (18 /11/2023).

So, how much Bipih do Indonesian Hajj pilgrims have to pay?

Unfortunately, Wibowo said that the Bipih for Indonesian Hajj pilgrims in 2024 had not been determined and would still be discussed further.

However, Wibowo explained that the Government on January 19 2023 proposed BPIH 1444 H with an average of IDR 98,893,909.11. Based on this proposal, the Ministry of Religion and Commission VIII DPR formed the BPIH Panja to conduct a series of discussions. Apart from that, the BPIH Working Committee also reviewed service prices, both domestically and in Saudi Arabia.

After going through a series of discussions, the results of the work of the BPIH Panja were discussed together at the Working Meeting of Commission VIII DPR and the Government. In the working meeting which took place on February 15 2023, it was agreed that BPIH 1444 H/2023 M, an average of IDR 90,050,637.26, assumed an exchange rate of 1 USD of IDR 15,150 and 1 SAR of IDR 4,040.

“It was also agreed that the Bipih paid by the congregation in 2023 would be an average of IDR 49,812,700.26 (55.3%), while the benefit value would be an average of IDR 40,237,937 (44.7%),” he explained.

However, later, this agreement was then submitted to the President to be stipulated in the form of the 2023 BPIH Presidential Decree. After the Presidential Decree was issued, the congregation would pay off their Bipih.

This is because the congregation has already paid an initial deposit of IDR 25 million, so they just have to pay the rest. If the average for Bipih 2023 is IDR 49,812,700.26, then the congregation will pay IDR 24,812,700.26.

“So, how much will pilgrims have to pay for the 2024 Hajj pilgrimage? It has not yet been determined, it is still a proposal. We are waiting for the results of the study by the Working Committee, the Working Committee of Commission VIII and the government, until the issuance of the 2024 BPIH Presidential Decree,” he stressed.

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