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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Entrepreneurs who organize music concerts, aka music promoters, reject the government’s plan to prohibit manufacturers of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes from giving away sponsorship. The plan is that this prohibition will be regulated in implementing regulations derived from Law (UU) No. 17/2023 concerning Health which is currently being discussed by the government.

The promoter said that this ban would impact the continuity of an event. Where, the impact will be different depending on the scale and location, so the event in Jakarta cannot be used as a reference.

The Draft Government Regulation (RPP), a derivative of the Health Law or Health RPP, which will regulate the safety of addictive substance products, contains related regulations, controls and prohibitions. distribution of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, including a number of terms that are prohibited from being used. One of them, prohibition sponsorship good for music concerts and the like, and restrictions when giving sponsorship as corporate social responsibility.

Quoting the presentation of the Ministry of Health (Kemkes) in Public Hearing RPP Health Law on PTM Management, Vision & Hearing Health, Addictive Substancesrelated substances sponsorship In the draft Health RPP, the plan is to regulate Article 152 paragraphs (1) and (2).

It is stated that this Health RPP will prohibit the use of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes, carry out promotions and/or provide sponsorship in any form.

Prohibition of sponsorship in question including for social, educational, sports, music, youth, cultural activities, or involving the general public.

It was further stated that every person who produces or imports tobacco and electronic cigarette products can provide assistance in the form of corporate social responsibility, by provision:

– do not use trademark names or logos of tobacco or electronic cigarette products
– does not aim to promote tobacco products and electronic cigarettes
– do not provide freebies, discounts, or gifts of tobacco and electronic cigarette products, or other related products
– not covered and published by the media.

For your information, the main substance in the RPP is still in the form of a draft.

Responding to this, the Main Director of PT Java Festival Production, Dewi Gontha, firmly stated that she did not agree with the new regulations.

According to Dewi, the government together with related stakeholders still need to look for other alternatives to overcome the problem of protecting addictive substances in the form of tobacco products.

“So, if asked if you agree or disagree, I honestly don’t agree that this is prohibited. In my opinion, we still need to look for alternatives,” said Dewi to CNBC Indonesia, quoted Wednesday (15/11/2023).

Dewi said, there are events that are already large in scale, perhaps the music event promoter no longer needs as many sponsors. However, it is different with smaller scale music events, where the influence of sponsors is still very influential in the running of the event.

“If the scale is really big, maybe you don’t need too many sponsors. Maybe ticket sales can be expensive because the artists are big. But not all events are like that. There are also smaller scale events, whose support (sponsorship) is still very influential for them. “We can walk. So, we can’t use the event in Jakarta as a reference,” he said.

Ticket price

Dewi does not deny that sponsors will definitely influence ticket prices. So, with this sponsorship, music event ticket prices can be cheaper.

“The influence of sponsors is not specific to cigarettes, so the influence of any sponsor will affect several things, one of which is ticket prices,” he said.

“Will it be that if cigarettes are no longer sponsored, the ticket price will be 2-4 times more (more expensive)? Not really, it’s just that there will be one less industry that will no longer support it. This means that even if we get a replacement or if there is no replacement, right? “automatically he has to be compensated at a place. Because an event costs a lot of money, especially if it’s on a large scale,” explained Dewi.

He added that it must be acknowledged that the contribution of cigarette sponsorship to the music industry is very large and has an influence on the development of the music industry.

“Can’t other (sponsors from industry) do it? Can’t it come from other sponsors? Yes, you can, you can do it, just come back, if we usually support them. And I just have personal experience, when we first started the festival, we didn’t have any experience, “We don’t know how to make a festival, the first people to support us are cigarette companies, who take the risk,” said Dewi.


According to Dewi, from the start of the music industry, the cigarette industry was one of the industries that always supported the music industry. “So, even if this is the rule issued, can we be given an alternative or not?” he said.

Dewi said that she had spoken with someone who had studied this matter in depth. Where, if a regulation is issued in another country, the government is also obliged to find a replacement regulation that can replace it.

“For example, type A companies are not allowed, so type B companies must make a commitment to contribute to the same industry (with) the same amount. So there is a replacement, there are indeed rules like that,” he said.

For this reason, Dewi emphasized that music promoters or organizers of music events only need support so that the music industry can develop, compete and grow.

“So that we don’t always lose to those on the other side. How do we do this? Is through the role of sponsors, one of which is a cigarette company,” he concluded.

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