NASA Opens Voice About Planet Mars Disappearing from Space Tech – 9 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Apparently, the planet Mars has been missing from space since last weekend. This is because Mars’ orbit takes the planet so far from the Sun that it cannot be seen for weeks.

Quoting Space on Saturday (2/12/2023), this is what is called ‘Solar conjunction’, namely a phenomenon caused by Mars’ orbit moving against the side of the Sun that is pointing towards Earth.

As a result, Mars is separated from the Sun by less than 1 degree. Both are in the constellation Libra. After that, Mars seemed to disappear and could not be observed for several weeks because it was blocked by sunlight.

The Sun conjunction is experienced by Earth and Mars every 2 years, based on the time on Earth. The 3rd and 4th planets from the Sun will also be further away than normal conditions.

Typically, Mars and Earth are separated by a distance of about 225 million kilometers. During the solar conjunction, Mars and Earth will be almost twice as far away, namely around 378 million kilometers.

Photo: NASA doc
The location is called Skrinkle Haven on Mars. Recorded by NASA’s Perseverance robot.

For more than 20 years, NASA has operated rover robots named ‘Curios’ and ‘Perseverance’ to observe the surface of Mars.

Apart from that, NASA also flew the ‘Ingenuity’ helicopter over Mars, as well as several spacecraft in orbit around the Red Planet.

In the next few months, Mars will appear from the broad side of the Sun and be visible longer in the sky before dawn.

Then, over the next year, Mars will reach opposition and be visible almost all night from Earth’s sky.

During a solar conjunction, mission controllers on Earth will lose contact with robots carrying out missions on Mars. Exploration will stop, the Ingenuity helicopter will be grounded, and the spacecraft will not be able to transmit data to Earth.

This protocol is carried out to prevent the possibility of entering partial commands that disrupt the operation of robots or spacecraft.

“NASA will delay sending commands to the Mars fleet for two weeks, from November 11 to 25,” NASA said in its official statement.

“This mission was terminated because hot ionized gas emitted from the sun’s corona could potentially damage radio signals sent from Earth to NASA’s spacecraft on Mars, causing unexpected behavior,” it explained further.

NASA says its team has spent months preparing a to-do list for all Mars spacecraft.

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