New Facts Harvard University is starting to lose interest, what’s going on?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Harvard University is one of the most prestigious and prestigious campuses in the world. Every year, there are millions of prospective students who fight tooth and nail to be able to study there. However, new facts show that Harvard is starting to lose interest. What is it?

Report Wall Street Journal (WSJ) revealed that the enrollment rate at Harvard University fell to its lowest level in the last four years.

Harvard said Thursday (28/3/2024) that it received 54,008 applicants for the graduating class of 2028. The previous year, the university had nearly 57,000 applicants, and for the two years before that, about 61,000 applicants and nearly 58,000 applicants respectively.

The 5% drop in total applicants was preceded by a 17% drop in initial applications to Harvard.

“It is not clear why the number of student enrollments decreased, but this decline occurred in a year when Harvard faced chaos after Hamas attacked Israel last October,” said a report launched by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), quoted Wednesday (3/4/2024).

Disputes over the Israel-Hamas war divide the campus, with tensions rising between pro-Palestinian and Jewish students. Students at Harvard and other universities protested the war, while university leaders responded.

Not only about the Israeli-Palestinian war, Harvard has also been rocked by other controversies. The school’s former president, Claudine Gay, resigned in January after facing accusations of plagiarism and accusations that she did not respond urgently enough to antisemitism at the university.

A committee led by Republican members of Congress is investigating Harvard’s response to antisemitism. The investigation is ongoing, and the committee is also looking into other schools, including Rutgers University and the University of California, Berkeley.

A number of Harvard’s major donors and its alumni board say they are dissatisfied with the university’s efforts to protect Jewish students.

When Harvard began to lose interest, other prestigious universities in the Ivy League group said their enrollment numbers continued to increase. The University of Pennsylvania and Yale University said they received the largest applications in their history, with more than 65,000 and about 57,000 applicants respectively.

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