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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The New Zealand government (New Zealand) will soon ban all students in the country from carrying cell phone (HP) to school, last Friday (1/12/2023).

Launching from Canberra TimesNew Zealand’s new Prime Minister (PM), Christopher Luxon, said that this ban would be implemented within his first 100 days in office, with the aim of getting students to focus on learning while at school.

“We will ban cell phones in all New Zealand schools,” said Luxon in Auckland, quoted Monday (4/12/2023).

“We want our children to learn and we want our teachers to teach,” he added.

New Zealand Education Minister Erica Stanford said current indicators show that more than half of 15-year-old students in New Zealand are not reaching basic literacy and numeracy standards.

Previously, the ban on bringing cellphones to school had been partially or fully implemented in Australia, Canada, China, France, England and several countries in Asia.

A United Nations (UN) report published last July recommended banning mobile phones in schools as a way to improve student performance and reduce the impact of online bullying.

However, not all experts agree with this policy. A study by a number of universities in Stockholm and Sodertorn, Sweden published in 2020 found that a number of teachers even admitted that cellphones were sometimes useful in class.

Apart from banning cellphones in schools, PM Luxon also plans to “reform” the school curriculum, such as changes to English and mathematics subjects, requiring one hour a day of reading material, and writing and mathematics pathways in primary and secondary schools starting next year .

Based on the latest data from International Student Assessment by Organization for Co-operation and Economic Development in 2018, New Zealand ranked 11th for reading, 12th for science, and 27th for mathematics.

As an educational matter, Luxon also faces the challenge of implementing a number of controversial agreements with one of its allies regarding guidelines on gender and sexuality.

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