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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Starting next year, photocopies of KTPs will no longer be valid. This is because the government is preparing a roadmap to implement a digital identity system starting October 2024.

With this implementation, Indonesian citizens no longer need to show their KTP or submit a photocopy of their KTP to access various services.

So, what’s the replacement?

Assistant Deputy for Policy Formulation and Coordination of SPBE Implementation at the Ministry of PAN-RB, Cahyono Tri Birowo, said that integration of government data is important to provide benefits to society.

“The government will no longer ask people to fill out KTP and NIK, but everyone will get a digital ID and the services will be integrated,” he said in CNBC Indonesia Profits Tech A Look on Location segment, at Menara Bank Mega, Jakarta, quoted Monday (18/12/2023).

With digital ID, he explained that all authentication processes are no longer handed over to each agency so that citizens no longer need to repeat the same process over and over again.

For example, Indonesian citizens no longer have to submit a photocopy of their KTP when registering at a hospital or when citizens want to take direct assistance from the government. Service providers simply need to check citizens’ identities with data that has been recorded by the government, for example biometric data.

“For example, for rural residents who are entitled to receive cash assistance, they do not necessarily memorize their KTP number or carry their KTP. They can simply match their biometric data, fingerprints or eyes,” said Cahyono.

Through this system, there is no longer any data replication across various agencies. The service provider simply checks with the agency that already has the required data. In terms of identity, all Indonesian citizen data is available at the Dukcapil Ministry of Home Affairs.

“Not interchangeability, but interoperability. For example, in Dukcapil it will be used for health and no longer filling in various forms. Data is not for each individual, but single data,” he explained.

The government is preparing a National Data Center (PDN) which will integrate all data and applications from various government agencies. The aim is to improve the efficiency and quality of public services.

Minister of Communication and Information Budi Arie Setiadi explained that his party is optimistic that it can complete the PDN and integrate various data into one by October 2024.

He said that the consolidation of government data would be carried out in stages. This will be done after PDN is completed next year.

For now, data storage is carried out in temporary national data centers.

Meanwhile, integration efforts will be supported by the Minister of Communication and Information’s Regulation on Public Electronic System Operators (PSE), which regulates data classification governance.

“The ministerial regulation is currently still in the process of being finalized,” said Budi.

It is hoped that PDN will later become the infrastructure that supports the integration and interoperability of all government systems and data. In this way, it is hoped that the quality of public services and policy making can be even better.

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