Not just any way! These 3 People Can Go Abroad Without Passports News – 12 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A pocket book containing various kinds of information indicating a person’s nationality, namely a passport, is a mandatory document for someone who is abroad. However, it turns out that in this world there are three people who don’t need a passport when traveling outside their country.

However, these three people were not just random people, but people who had titles and special positions in their country. The three people were King Charles III of England, Emperor Naruhito, and his wife Empress Masako of Japan. Before King Charles III, this privilege was also owned by Queen Elizabeth II.

This rule also applies to the king or queen of Great Britain, the predecessor of King Charles III. Likewise with Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako, the predecessors of the Japanese emperor and empress did not need passports when going abroad.

Instead of carrying a passport, the King/Queen of the British Empire only carries documents issued in their name. The document states the British government’s request to allow the king and queen to travel to that country.

“The Secretary of the United Kingdom requests in the name of Her Majesty that all persons concerned to allow the bearer of this document to pass through their territory freely without hindrance or hindrance and to provide such assistance and protection as may be required,” quoted from News18, Sunday (3/12/2023 ).

For the emperor and empress of Japan, a ministry document dated May 10, 1971 informed that it would be highly inappropriate to issue passports to both. The document also added that it would be highly inappropriate for the Emperor to undergo immigration or visa procedures using a passport as an ordinary citizen.

Diplomatic passports were issued to other members of the Imperial family, including the crown prince and princess.

The Emperor and Empress of Japan were only required to keep ministerial documents to themselves. Just like England, the foreign ministry in Japan notifies the destination country before the Emperor and Empress arrive.

In the case of King Charles III, his private secretary, Sir Clive Alderton, had been entrusted with this responsibility. According to a report, Sir Clive Alderton has been one of the King and Queen Camilla’s most trusted and beloved advisors since 2006, a year after their wedding in 2005.

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