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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Trade unions have opened their voices regarding the government’s plan to issue new regulations derived from Law (UU) No. 17/2023 concerning Health in the form of Government Regulations. Currently, the draft PP (RPP Health) is still being prepared and discussed.

It is planned that the RPP will contain a number of prohibitions and controls related to production, imports, advertising, sponsorship, and the sale of tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.

The cigarette factory labor union federation also plans to fight against this RPP.

“We strongly reject (the Health RPP). Because it will definitely have an impact on sectors, especially tobacco farmers. In essence, regarding this RPP, we are very concerned with the RPP that is being drafted. Of course we will provide resistance regarding the RPP,” said the Chairman Regional Leader of the Federation of Cigarette Tobacco Food Beverage Workers’ Unions of All Indonesia (FSP RTMM SPSI) DKI Jakarta Kusworo in Jakarta, Monday (20/11/2023).

Kuswoor added that the Health RPP would have significant and dangerous impacts if implemented.

“Because it’s not just one sector. If we talk about tobacco, it’s from upstream to downstream, from farmers to sales, to transportation, let alone factory workers. So the impact will be very domino if this RPP is implemented at a later date,” he said. .

Although, he added, the official position will be determined by the central leadership of the RTMM SPSI federation.

“In DKI Jakarta, by chance, there are no tobacco cigarettes, only mamin (food and beverage factory workers’ union). But we are a federation with tobacco cigarettes, of course we will support whatever decision our central leadership makes regarding the tobacco and cigarette RPP,” said Kusworo. .

“Of course, the leadership of the central federation will ask the government for a review. Indeed, this already exists in our federation and of course, perhaps in the near future they will also ask to be changed or revised according to conditions,” he said.

For your information, the draft Government Regulation (RPP Health) is still under discussion and has received rejection from various parties. Starting from cigarette manufacturers, advertising service companies, to stall traders.

Quoting the presentation by the Director of Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases of the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) Eva Susanti in the Public Hearing of the RPP Health Law: PTM Management, Sight & Hearing Health, Addictive Substances which was broadcast on the Ministry of Health’s YouTube account on September 20 2023, the main substances in the RPP include prohibition of sponsorship by cigarette manufacturers, prohibition on selling cigarettes at retail, tightening regulations for displaying cigarette advertisements, as well as regarding the ingredients in tobacco products and electronic cigarettes.

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