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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The data seller on the Ministry of Defense website, the anonymous account Two2, has apparently sold several data from the governments of a number of countries. Apart from that, he also succeeded in breaking into several hospitals in Indonesia.

“Not only did he sell data from the Ministry of Defense. He also sold data from other countries. His targets were governments including the governments of Serbia, Bangladesh, Laos, Syria and Bhutan,” said Chairman of the CISSREC Cyber ​​Security Research Institute, Pratama Persadha in CNBC Indonesia ProfitsFriday (3/11/2023).

“In Indonesia, apart from the Ministry of Defense, they also succeeded in hacking hospitals in Indonesia,” he added.

Regarding the alleged breach of the site, Pratama admitted that he was quite concerned. Because the Ministry of Defense should work to carry out defense.

Especially considering that the Ministry of Defense is concerned with strategic and secret matters. Apart from that, it also relates to defense and the TNI.

“It’s a bit concerning because the Ministry of Defense should be a fairly powerful institution. It’s also called the Ministry of Defense and should be able to carry out defense,” said Pratama.

The news that the Ministry of Defense website was hacked came from an X account called @stealthmode_int. The account reported 1.64 TB of hacked data and 1,484 credentials exposed on the dark web.

The account estimates the data leak was due to the Stealer malware. However, an investigation into this issue needs to be carried out.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense has also opened its voice regarding the alleged hacking. The Public Relations Bureau of the Secretariat General of the Ministry of Defense explained that his party had deployed a Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT).

The team’s task is to carry out data and internet network assessments. The aim is to carry out investigations and ensure security of data networks and the internet within the ministry.

To assist the assessment process, the Ministry of Defense website was also temporarily disabled. Deactivation of the site is also carried out as a preventive measure.

After all assessments were completed, the Public Relations Bureau promised to revive the Ministry of Defense website.

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